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Friday Cocktail Goodness ...

As we all know I am a lover of all things bourbon.  I used to just enjoy it in the fall and winter months and stick with vodka and gin for the spring and summer.  Lawyer is such a connoisseur of bourbon that he has changed my view on the matter.  I would say most days when I enjoy a drink it is bourbon related.  Especially if we are out and about, a bourbon drink on the menu will tempt me every single time. My new favorite bourbon is Gentry Bourbon from South Carolina.  Truly so good!


I was thrilled to find this amazing drink recipe on my friend Mandy's blog.  I immediately made it for us one evening and we both really enjoyed it.  I love all things citrus so it was a slam dunk for me. I have mixed up the citrus juices as she recommends and I have found that I prefer more orange and lime than lemon.  You can play with it to find your perfect match.

So yummy and so fresh.  You will love it.  Cheers to a few days with those you adore most making the best memories!

Have the best weekend!   

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