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Introducing Dress For Cocktails

You know how you are scrolling through Instagram and something stops you in your tracks?  Anyone else do this and then spend forever down the rabbit hole of someone's feed.  I do it all the time but most recently when I discovered Dress For Cocktails.

I was sitting enjoying a few minutes to myself between calls and the next thing on my to do list and I happened to spot the photo above which immediately caught my eye and directed me to the lovely Leslie Dasch and her darling feed.  Of course, the moment I noticed she was from Winter Park I was completely hooked and ready to make a new bestie.  Leslie makes darling cocktail clutches all featuring a large bow which can be changed to suit your mood and outfit. A cute clutch plus a bow, are you kidding me? Anything with a large bow scores an A+ in my book!

After conversing with Leslie I was even more giddy about her amazing bags.  Always looking for a fabulous clutch I knew I had found a fabulous product I had to share with each of you. Her about statement had me completely convinced we were meant to be friends.

Leslie Karsner Dasch, is a lover of pink champagne and pretty things. As a lifestyle expert, author and former love coach, Leslie spent years coaching others to have a romance with life. Now, she’s sharing her fanciful style, her favorite cocktails, and her first line of designs, beginning with The Cocktail Clutch. 

She’s passionate about creating ambiance – in decorating, dressing up and entertaining. Whether it’s a colorful room, a fancy cocktail, a darling dress, or a fabulous Cocktail Clutch, setting the stage sets the mood. A party girl at heart, Leslie confesses, “I’m a “lightweight” who often leaves the glass half full. I find you really don’t have to drink much to feel good, especially when you’re poured into a cocktail dress!”

Don't you love her to pieces?   You will adore her bags even more, I promise you! I am in the midst of deciding which base I want to go with all the darling bows I have picked out.  This may be the best little find, and definitely a perfect gift for your best friend!

Before I share any more amazing photos of her incredibly cute bags I have to share her story behind the bow.  The precious story she shares on her blog about the business, the darling bow and what it all means to her.  I love her willingness to be so open about her life, her journey and her precious business. 

In 2011, I paired a pretty green dress I made from a Vogue pattern with a lime margarita. When I showed it to my brother, Jeff, an idea was born. Immediately we knew that “every dress deserves a cocktail, and every cocktail deserves a dress.” So over the next few months, I worked away sewing dozens of dresses in various styles and matching them with cocktails. Our plan was to mix fashion, celebration with travel and adventure. Wearing my dresses to exciting locales in search of the drink to match the dress. 

Then suddenly, in January of 2012, I lost my bother. He was my partner, my friend, my confidante, my “Buffie.” So with tears in my eyes, and darkness in my heart, I closed the page on Dress For Cocktails. I felt lost without his brilliant mind and creative genius. Not to mention his friendship and love. I felt I couldn’t do it without him. 

When I was born, my parents brought me home and handed me to my bother. They said, “Buffie, this is your baby.” And for the rest of his life, he gently lifted, guided and inspired the strings of my life. A puppeteer, a writer, a creator, an artist, a gardener, a teacher, and big brother, he held my hand and tagged me along. I gladly followed his lead, taking me on whimsical rides to magical places. And while this puppet now stands on her own, our strings will never be cut. 

So as time passed, I longed to open the page. Having lost my way, I knew I would have to start from scratch. So in May 2016 I set sail with Dress for Cocktails again. I posted a photo, wrote a blog post, and decided I would let Dress for Cocktails unfold anew. I would charter a flexible course, letting the winds of my creative spirit take me in whatever direction they blew. 

I opened the door to my heart and my home, sharing my life, my love of Mr. Dasch-ing, and delight in all things pretty through Dress for Cocktails. It has brought me immense joy, new friends and a new collection of Cocktail Clutches.  To honor my brother Jeff, whom I called “Buffie,” I have named my first Cocktail Clutch bow, The Buffie Bow. It is classic, elegant, and timeless…with a touch of whimsy. 

Not a day goes by where I don’t wish he was here. I wonder would he have written it differently, would he have arranged it better, would he have been proud. If you are reading this post, you have encouraged me and cheered for me, perhaps unknowingly. And I am grateful to you all.  While I miss him every day, I celebrate him by continuing our dream…and I Dress For Cocktails, Cheers!

I told you, she is truly precious!!

And now for more photos of her darling bags ... 

You can purchase her bags from her website and you must follow her on Instagram!  Her feed is amazing, full of her fabulous bags in all combinations and sprinkled with her life in Florida.  

The perfect recipe for a fun new friend and a fabulous new business!

Happy Wednesday!


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