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Gathering Silver

I shared last year that I started collected a silver pattern for our youngest. Since she is the only girl I am thrilled to be collecting something she can use in her home one day with her family.  I have put other things aside for the boys, as they also are truly sentimental.  But for her I have started a silver collection.

I originally started the collection with just a few random pieces and over the last 18 months I have been able to locate and collect quite a few more. This weekend after two trips to Scott Antique Market I snagged even more.  It is exciting to hunt for her pattern and then come home, wash and polish the new pieces and add them to her silver chest. She even gets excited when she sees me pull out the chest and wants to know what is be added.

The pattern I selected for her is Grosvenor by Community and it is a silver plate pattern from 1921.  I love that it is silver plate for two reasons, she can use it every single day and it frees her up to collect a sterling pattern if she chooses later on.  The pattern is elegant yet classic and she can add a monogram to it if she chooses.  I truly do love the pattern.

At the moment she has 12 dinner forks, 8 dinner knives, 6 luncheon knives, 6 gumbo spoons, 2 teaspoons, 2 salad forks, 12 cocktail forks, 1 tomato server, a few butter knives and butter spreaders and a lemon fork. This weekend I also found a ladle and this morning I found a carving set and a pair of ice tongs. Along with antique shops and Scotts I have perused Replacements.  Their prices are a bit higher but they do stock hard to find pieces and sometimes the prices are truly perfect.  As I said before, it is all about the hunt for me. At the moment I am also looking to find a silver chest with more than two sections as her chest is beginning to fill up and you truly can't see what is inside.  We own Lawyer's grandmother's silver and it is in a rather large chest but I am noticing these are harder to find.  I am on the quest for something similar.

As I find pieces I don't always know what they all are.  The lemon fork was a tough one to identify.  I originally thought it was a pickle fork, but I was incorrect.  This guide is so useful and I printed it out to keep in the chest to help me identify what I find.  The knives and spoons are the most difficult for me since there are so many of each.  At the moment I am hunting more salad forks and teaspoons which seem to be the hardest to locate outside of the internet.  I will find them, it will just take some time!

What I love most of all while I am collecting is how involved Little Bit has become.  Every single time she sees me pull out the chest she is excited to see what I have found.  She knows I am saving it all for her and it is fun to see her enthusiasm as she sees me wash and polish each new piece.  Maybe one day she will even want to help me hunt.

Well, that is if she ever decides it is more fun than making slime with her besties ...

Happy Tuesday!!


  1. I'm with you Paige, I love flatware! Several years ago I found a silver plate pattern that is similar to my sterling pattern and have enjoyed the hunt of collecting it as a fill in when I don't have enough sterling for entertaining. I have also collected flatware for each of my kids as they get married and I can report that my boys have loved it as much as the girls! My son's mother in law recently commented to me that my son is "way into flatware more than most men!" You don't know how many times we have been in a restaurant and he has turned to me to ask "how's the weight of this fork, mom?" Because I don't like dinky flatware!

  2. I too collect different patterns even though I have tons of new sterling from all my in laws and relatives that was gifted to me when I got married (24 dinner forks and 24 dinner knives have been sooo handy even though at the time I got them I thought it was a little extreme!!!)

    I love Scotts!!! I personally don't mind the new pattern of silver plate I'm randomly collecting being already engraved. I notice that the last picture of your collection already has a B engraved. Can engravers somehow go over that and create a new monogram? Like I said - I don't mind it all already being engraved since it's an antique but wondered if that's possible to "erase" a previous monogram??

  3. Oh and I'm with you on not knowing what pieces were! When my mother in law told me that my "new piece" was an asparagus server I was like WHAT?! Who spends that much money on a utensil that is just used for asparagus! Lol!!!

  4. Try Ross-Simmons in RI for the box. My mother purchased one for me when she gave me her silver when I married - almost 25 years ago. My niece, Katie, was at the shower and in my wedding as a flower girl. I have saved the photos from the shower and will give them to her - and the silver, too - at her wedding shower! My grandmother had Little Bit's silver as a young bride and I've always liked it too!



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