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Outfits On Repeat

Top || Jeans || Earrings (all on sale!) || Bag (vintage)

Remember this post when I was doing some fall shopping?  Well, it all arrived and I picked out my favorites and they are showing up in rotation already.  With a busy fall schedule I put some pieces together so I would be ready when I needed them.  Pairing outfits together is something I love to do and an easy thing to make sure you are prepared for the last minute decision to do something fun that requires more than my homebody outfit of leggings and a comfy tee.

Anyone else think a comfy over sized tee shirt might be everything?

I am loving the new cropped jean trend and I am wearing the heck out of it in both regular denim and white.  Since I live in the south where it is warm much longer I am still wearing my white denim on repeat and I am perfectly ok with it.  I will switch to an off white when it gets cold but you will still see me sporting white when I feel the calling to do so.

Top || Jeans || Sandals (Silver Only) || Earrings ( in gold) & (in turquoise) || Bracelets

Anyone else think turquoise accessories make an outfit so much better?  I love the bright happy pop mixed in with both white and black tops and pairing it with gold makes me even happier.  This white shirt is the piece I wore in the photo shoot the other day and I absolutely love how simple it is with the amazing details.  I felt so pretty and so feminine.  Win, win for sure. 

Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt || Jeans || Converse || Bag (sold out) || Glasses (similar)

This outfit makes me so very happy.  Its cute and so comfortable.  I wore it when it was chilly a few weeks ago before Irma came to town.  Those 60 degree days were perfect for this combination.  I do not love a sweatshirt but I have two this season that are so very comfortable.  Add a ruffle sleeve and I might just buy whatever you are selling. Bonus points for the classic red, white and blue combination. 

This top!!  I have a girl from J.Crew that helps me find pieces I need for different events.  Jessica is truly the best ever.  She recommended this top to me and I will admit I was skeptical. The photo she sent didn't do this top justice.  It is fabulous, and so flattering.  I absolutely love it and can not wait to wear it in Winter Park next weekend. This photo doesn't do the red and blue stripes any favors as the red is darker and hard to capture.  I love that its thin and super easy to wear.  Oh, and these earrings. Hands down my favorites for sure!

Have I mentioned I am absolutely loving the mule trend.  I love a mule, so comfy and so chic.  When Lawyer and I were dating he bought me a pair of mules for Christmas one year.  After hearing me talk them up for quite a while he ventured to the store to grab them.  I recall him asking the girl for a pair of "navy horses".  Silly boy.  😭 Mules + Leopard is the best combination for me as I love a good pair of leopard shoes. 

Oh yes, and don't forget the darling peplum navy top.  So very flattering and the sleeves are so very fun. 

With cute finds like these (and most on sale) I may take back what I said about being sad fall was coming.  I do love a crisp morning and jeans and a cute top is always a winner!  

Have the best Tuesday ... we are enjoying every second of fall break!!


  1. I can't get the link on the first white top to work.

  2. Love all the looks!! So fantastic!! ❤️



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