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The Magic of Wonder

Last summer my youngest child was instructed to read the book Wonder for part of her summer work. I had no previous knowledge of the book but reading the back cover I realized it would be a book that changed her perspective on so many things. What I didn't know was how much she would absolutely love every single page she read.

Wonder is about a boy with a facial deformity that was home schooled for the first five years of his school years. He is starting 5th grade and for the first time he will be entered a mainstream school with "normal" children. As we all know he is beginning the hard years as middle school and the years immediately before are tough ones for any child, but for Auggie it is magnified.  It is a hard story to read at moments but such a fabulous book for every single person to read. As a mother who put her child in a non traditional preschool situation I can recall the worry I had when we first mainstreamed him and the struggle that continues today as I worry about him every single day as he leaves the house. It is a real thing and the world can be a hard and cruel place at times. The best part about it is the love and acceptance you can find in so many places.

This book is truly fantastic.  I would recommend it for all of your elementary school children that you feel is ready to read a more challenging story. There were times that my girl would have tears reading it learning that children can be unkind to others. Her heart struggled to wrap her mind around it as she has always been such an advocate for her older brother.  In the end she loved every single page and immediately wanted to read more.  I also highly recommend reading the book with your child.  It sets up so many amazing conversations as they process what they are reading.  I found our girl had so many questions I had no idea she had about other people and situations.  It made for many amazing talks late into the evening.

Wonder the movie comes out very soon.  I would recommend the book first as it always has so much more they can't squeeze into a motion picture. In addition to the book you must check out this journal and this amazing book of quotes.  My niece owns it and I truly couldn't get enough. We have a burden to raise our babies to continue to hold onto the kindness and love they were born with.  Children are so vulnerable to things around them and this book and its counter parts is a wonderful resource to grow that love, kindness and empathy in us all.

Auggie is precious and fabulous and I adore every single thing about this story.

We can't blend in when we were born to stand out. 

Have a fabulous Monday!

1 comment:

  1. My daughter LOVED this book!!!! I teach middle school and every year I encourage my students who haven't yet read it to read it. I have a copy in my room and it is almost always checked out!!! SO glad you recommended it. Every child--and parent--needs to read it!!!!!
    Julia from SC



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