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Random Thoughts ... #09112017

Happy Monday to you all.  I have been rather quiet on the blog, but I am back and ready to make this week the best ever!!! I just needed a little time to process all of the goings around me and to hunker down with our family and friends.  I feel fabulous this morning, highly caffeinated, music playing and ready to tackle the week!


We are all home this morning waiting for Hurricane Irma.  School was cancelled for the kids and Lawyer doesn't have to go to work. We are hoping the heavy rain and winds will pass quickly, truly hoping for the best for our city which is currently housing so many evacuees. At the moment we have two extras and are just enjoying the quiet moments and giggles.  I do love a house full of loved ones!

I bought this darling bag last week for fall adventures and to hold all my fun thrifting finds when I go antiquing.  I love the size and, of course, the cute saying!  All of the bags in the collection are on sale! I had a hard time deciding between the one I got and this one.  So fun!

Speaking of White Elephant Designs ... I love these and these too!  Such a fun little shopping source!

I bought these darling sunnies last week and I love them.  I snapped a quick pick when they arrived, and I truly think they are so stinking cute.  I bought the pink/brown and they come in clear/black as well, which happens to be on sale.

Did you see this from Town & Country?  I love watching people band together for the sake of others and this makes my heart so very happy!!!

I also love this article ... I will admit I have only seen seven of them so I have a few to take in on a chilly evening with my people.  I see a fire, some popcorn and lots of cozy blankets involved!

Have we talked about my darling friend Paige who created the painting for our den?  She has a line of pillows at Antro and they are amazing!  I love them all, but I will most likely purchase the pups for the guest room.  Isn't it darling, the details are everything!

As a major lover of all things HomeGoods I am absolutely dying over this new store.  The article is incredible and I might need a road trip to take it in.  Can you even believe that lamp display?? If it comes to Georgia I might possibly just move in.

A few tips for your next dinner party.  I love the idea of please enjoy before the meal begins.

The mule is a major player in shoe style this fall and I could not be more excited!  I love a good pair of mules and I see myself wearing them on repeat!  I love these, #duh, but the budget says no thank you ... so I have found so many good ones in its place!

Also making a major appearance on the style scene this year is camo!  I love wearing camo, believe it or not!  I love this post about wearing camo for the season.  All of these pieces from J.Crew are fabulous, don't you think?  I love these pants and this shirt jacket.  These pants truly look like something I would want to wear all day everyday.

One more little tidbit ... thank you so much to Domino who added our den to this article.  What a fun little happy for last week!  It was such a fun little surprise!

Have the best day, be safe and know you are all appreciated and loved!


  1. Girlfriend, I think we NEED to take a road trip after seeing my friends post after she visited the new store. AMAZING! I just told her not to tell my hubby when one comes to town ;-) It'll be our little secret. Stay safe and dry.

  2. I am off to check out your links! Everything looks great.



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