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Shopping For Fall '17

Mug || Planner || Slay The Day Plaque (Michaels)

As I was calendaring things for late September and October I was a little shocked at how many things I have booked.  Between events and photo shoots and a video appearance I may have taken on a little much for this girl. It is high time I start deciding what to wear for each so at least that part is off my plate. Oh, and any volunteers to go along with me? 😳

I have already decided I will be wearing a fabulous gold lamé skirt and darling t shirt to one event but the rest is all super sketchy at this point.  I am a girl who likes to be organized and if I have a packing list and outfit picked out way before I have a whole lot less stress.

Anyone else??

It is high time I get organized.  We have a huge birthday next weekend (I can't discuss #sadmama) and then a week off for fall break and then it all starts up for me.  So its literally right around the corner.  High time I get my fanny in gear.

I have tagged and ordered most of the pieces below previously or this morning. For the shoes I am still deciding (see IG stories this am) and need some thoughts!  I love that slides and loafers are on trend, they are so comfy!!  I purchase most of my jeans from Old Navy and have a lot of success with them. I get a ton of compliments which frees up my budget for shoes.  Its all about how you shift your funds for me. The only exception this season was white jeans which I did splurge on.

Let's start there ... 

Also, I love these pants for traveling and these leggings (currently 30% off) are the only ones I wear!  They wash so well and hold up!

To pair with my cute new pants ...

Yesterday I grabbed this darling sweatshirt and may go back for this one!  So comfy and absolutely darling!!

Darling earrings ... 

And I just added these to my list.  I love every single thing in the Latte colorway!

And lastly, shoes!

Gotta narrow this category as I have ordered nothing and I can only get two of them.  I will be working on that choice all weekend.  A cute follower just notified me of these cuties, which is such a good option! And how darling are these??

Have the best day.  I have a million things to do today and a Volleyball tourney to prepare for tomorrow!  So fun!

Love you all!!

1 comment:

  1. On mules - I have the second pair shown in the mauve color. They are ok comfortable but not nearly as comfortable as some others. I have the first pair in black and they're great. Sam Edelman has some dreamy prints in mules, too!



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