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Book Obsession

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that I spent afternoons after school in the local library a lot of the days as my mother was getting a degree at the local college.  I would happily bound into the library and hang out for a few hours doing homework and scouring the shelves for amazing books.  I was the master of the dewey decimal system and could find any book I wanted.  After a quick browse through the card catalog I was off to browse the shelves in my uniform, knee socks and penny loafers.

My intense love of books started at that library and truly never went away.  I do not own a kindle and would prefer the real thing over anything else.  I love the smell of a book, especially an old one, and will most definitely dog ear the pages and add post its when I need to.  For me the hardcover is always the best choice.

Enter my ever growing collection of design books.  What started out with a few books has grown over the course of our marriage and definitely so in the past few years. I love learning a new book has been released and checking it out to decide if it is perfect for my collection.  I definitely have a few categories I collect books and each one is special to me.  We also have a large collection of Lawyer's grandmother's books which I adore.  They are old, worn and beautiful in every way.  Most of them are housed in her barrister bookcase and a few of them have been added to the bookshelves in the den.  He loves seeing them all mixed in and so do I.

I have added a few new ones to my collection and must share them with you.  I am truly reading them almost every evening just perusing through the gorgeous pages and enjoying all the inspiration they possess.  It is the best way to wind down after the day.  I find myself heading to bed filled with ideas and a heart full of good thoughts.  Truly nothing better!

First up, Meg Braff's new book The Decorated Home.  This one is basically me in a book.  I adore Meg and her work and would let her have cart blanche to any room she wanted to play with in my house.  Heck, let her do it all, she has incredible taste that I truly connect with on every level. 

Just a little of the goodness included ... 

This book is a must have for each of you!!

Next up, the beautiful new book from House Beautiful editor in chief Sophie Donelson's, House Beautiful Style Secrets : What Every Room Needs.  I snagged this book the other night at my local book store and immediately devoured in that evening.  It is currently on my floor next to my bed filled with post its and notes.  Think of it as all the stunning interiors from the magazine all in one book.  Grab it quick, you will love.

A little sneak peek for you ... 

And the list continues ... 

The new book by Clinton Smith Veranda Inspired By Color was another I snagged the other night and just could not stop flipping through before bed.  I finished perusing it in the morning over coffee and ended up getting a late start on the day.  I have been inspired to make a few changes to our dining room from some of the design work I saw.  Just a few tweaks here and there but hopefully will take it the direction I am looking to achieve.  The book is fabulous and a must have for each of you.

Each page is incredible and the design work showcased is nothing short of showstopping ...

I told you ... incredible!

And last, but certainly not least, James Farmer's newly released A Place To Call Home : Timeless Southern Charm.  Just like every book James releases this one is a must have.  I have only started reading it and its one I know I will love and flip through repeatedly.  A great gift for yourself and for others as well.

You will love every single page ...

See what I mean, just one page of inspiration after another.

My purchases definitely have me excited about heading up to bed each evening. I added a few more of my favorites in the link above, each of them provides so much inspiration. A cup of tea or a bourbon, my glasses, monogram pjs, a snuggled pup and a stack of books to read.  Can you think of anything better?

Have the best Thursday!

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