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Chinoiserie Pumpkins

Anyone else completely obsessed with these incredible blue and white painted pumpkins?  I mean, give them all to me and back away quietly.  Am I right?  🙋🎃

While all other pumpkins will soon get a little squishy and need to be tossed the painted pumpkin, especially the artificial ones, will last for quite some time.  I love all the amazing pumpkins and versions of this pumpkin I have seen and since we are entering holiday season I think they are truly perfect to add to the table for a festive and quite stunning fall table.  Add in some of your amazing blue and white and a little orange and you have an instant perfect table in the making.

Blue + white + orange ... perfection!

When choosing chinoiserie pumpkins you can purchase them if you struggle with artistic talent (like moi) or you can take your hand at painting some of your own.  Since I am in the first category I would choose to purchase.  I have zero talent when it comes to painting anything but a room and I will be leaving the painting to the experts.  However, I do understand it is not hard to do if you have the talent and would like to take a stab at it.  In my opinion three would be perfect, one large and two small.

Plates (antique) || Flatware ||  Bakelite Steak Knives || Napkins || Tablecloth
Custom Monogram via The Monogram Merchant

With your amazing mix of blue and white porcelain and the addition of chinoiserie pumpkins you can pull out your blue and white dishes and some fabulous monogram napkins.  Add in something warm and yummy for dinner and you have the perfect dinner party in the making.  I am digging tablecloths at the moment and have a fun little tip coming your way soon on how to make ones you grab at the store even more special.  One tip ... monogram the corner.  It adds just a little bit of pop and catches the eye of your guests.  It's the little things that they will notice and remember!

Anyone up for turkey chili with all the fixings?

Happy Wednesday ... and pass the extra coffee please for all of us with candy hangovers!

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