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Garden & Gun Jubilee

I am so excited to write and share this post with you today.  I have said many times I had a wonderful time in Charleston last weekend for the Garden and Gun Jubilee but today you get all the details of the wonderful three day event. I can not tell you how incredible the event truly is, but I can say this.  If you google the words Southern + Christmas + Jubilee in the dictionary you won't even come close to the details included in such a fabulous event.  This was my first true taste of all things Garden and Gun and I can promise you it was more than I could have even dreamed of, and more.

I will let the photos speak for themselves ... there are many, but none could be left out. 

As you can spy it was a stunning location with the incredible oak trees, the moss and all of the open space to walk from section to section. This was my first visit to Charles Towne Landing and I was more than impressed with the grounds.  After arriving we immediately began to shop the collection of southern brands and antiques.  The selection was incredible and many amazing things were purchased.  You could find anything from beautiful linens from Collier Rose Ink to vintage coats, to jewels from Crogan's Jewel Box to screen printed t shirts you made yourself.  I am thankful I brought my Crab & Cleek tote to hold all my goodies!

As we shopped we sampled every single thing they had to offer.  The only thing I passed up were the pork rinds and the Hubs was sad to learn I didn't bring them home to him.  From small batch bourbon from Blade and Bow to amazing fresh oysters from Sullivan's island every single thing I ate and sipped was beyond incredible.  The fresh air and the perfect fall weather made the day truly perfect.

Along with eating, shopping and sipping we tried our hand at fly fishing, making s'mores in the Cowboy Cauldrons, hunted for the collection of Jubilee pins, learned about bourbon cocktails and the art of making espresso, watched a beyond impressive dog show, saw how bacon is cut and served and listened to incredible bands.  The Jubilee is so much more than what you see in this collection of photos.  There were also private dinners, lectures, an oyster roast and a finale that I understand is not to be missed.  I will be partaking in every single event next year.  I had incredible FOMO when I searched the hashtag on Monday.

As I stated yesterday in the packing and shopping post I have already planned to attend next year. It was truly just that good and any weekend I can spend in Charleston with Krystine is a fabulous idea.

Thank you to Garden and Gun for the pleasure of attending, Lauren Hopkins for the gift of the tickets (adore you!!) and thank you most of all to Kristen Hechler who captured our amazing time.  The girl behind the camera is one we truly adore.

Mark your calendars next year for this not to miss event, you will be thanking me trifold.  All clothing sources in this post.

Happy Thursday to you all!



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