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Travel Shopping Por Moi

Happy Wednesday!!  I came home from Charleston late Sunday night after having a magical three days.  We ate, we shopped, we sipped and we soaked up all things Garden and Gun.  I can't wait to share all the details with you, it was the most fun event.  Garden and Gun rolls out the red carpet and I am completely in awe.  I am already making plans to attend next year.  Oh, and I will not be missing any single moment of the weekend.

On the calendar in sharpie!

I got a lot of messages during the weekend about what I was wearing and how I pack.  To say I was flattered is quite the understatement, you all are so kind.  I am taking this post today to show you all the amazing pieces I grabbed before we left and how it all paired together.  I bought both casual and dressy options and I am thrilled to say it was all on sale!  Who doesn't love that fabulous four letter s word??

Crab and Cleek sent me three adorable tote bags to take with me and when they arrived I may have squealed.  I used the vintage thermos bag and gifted this one to my friend Krystine who wore it on Sunday.  And yes, she borrowed someone's puppy, but how amazing is that picture??

Before I left I was scrambling a bit so I reached out to my trusty J.Crew manager for help.  Jessica is magical, truly! I sent her the few things I had pulled and she filled in the gaps. For example, I had these amazing pants (currently 25% off) I knew would be perfect for dinner and need a top recommendation.  She sent me this option and this option (both 40% off today!) and neither of which happened to be something she sold.  I popped into the store, grabbed both and they steamed them, hung them and I was off and ready to go.  Customer service perfection.

I already had these shoes and I snagged these as well and paired both with jewels and clutches and I was ready to go.  This clutch (on sale!) was a game changer.  So cute and fun and that bow!!

Casual clothes was just as easy with all of the amazing sales happening.  I grabbed a new pair of jeans, these super comfortable pants and a few sweaters just in case it was colder than it said it would be.  I also added this scarf and this top in blue stripe and these earrings from my favorite local boutique. Pairing them with my favorite Elizabeth Wilson top and my new favorite cape (on sale!) was so much fun.  The only other thing I grabbed with this vest which was such a steal I felt bad taking it home.  Well, maybe not really!

I can not tell you how many compliments I got on these fun shoes.  My friend Kristi calls them my angry shoes because "the minute I scuff them I will be angry", but I think they are divine.  They were very comfortable for walking around Sunday morning and the metallic made me feel like I was wide awake instead of in need of a vat of coffee.  I was super careful walking around since I tend to trip a lot, not graceful at all, but other than that they were the best purchase.  Don't you love them?

As usual, I packed all of my needs for the weekend into my favorite bags.  I took both the large tote and the duffel along with my new cosmetic bag and sunglasses case.  I love that Barrington Bags hold so much and look good doing it.  What more do you need?

I can't wait to share the details of the trip with you tomorrow, we had the best time and the Jubilee was truly perfect.  Prepare yourself for eye candy galore.

Happy Wednesday!

All images via Kristen Hechler

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