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Introducing Libbie Summers

Libbie with her husband Josh and her pup, The Bitch

My monthly feature for The Southern Coterie blog is one of my absolute favorite things to write.  I love diving into the lives and careers of creatives and gleaming so much inspiration.  When I was thinking about a featured creative for the end of the year I knew immediately I wanted to interview the one and only Libbie Summers. Libbie is a fabulous and wonderful friend who has inspired me to think and work outside my box, to not take myself too seriously and yet to at the same time be the best version of me I can be. She is truly the definition of the phrase the

When I met Libbie I was sucked in from the moment she started speaking at The Summit in 2016.  She was sharing her tips on creating video, showcasing your brand in a new light and taking your brand to the next level.  I recall thinking I wasn't sure video was for me.  It looked hard, I wasn't sure I could make it work and I knew I didn't want a video camera catching all of my angles. When we chatted after the session she told me it could be simple not as complicated as I was making it in my mind and I should start with stories, which I did pretty quickly after that year's Summit.  It was way easier than I had made it out to be, it was more fun and the response was a clear indication that readers and followers wanted more.  So ... my dive into video began.

Fast forward two years and I am a lot more comfortable with myself on video than I ever thought I would be.  I don't see myself doing YouTube tutorials anytime soon but its baby steps.  And now that I have put that statement into print Libbie will DM me and tell me she expects it to happen immediately.  😬

Libbie going Whole Hog

You will love every single thing about Libbie Summers.  As an award winning author, producer and business owner (check out her new Sprinkles line) she is beyond knowledgeable in so many areas.  Her knowledge is simple, yet life changing and her tips on finding creativity are spot on.  You will be changed after reading her interview and her outlook on so many things will make a significant imprint on your life.  It most definitely has on mine.

I hope you enjoy the piece.  I loved writing it and was thrilled that it was the bookend to the year since this was a year of immense growth for me both personally and professionally.  Make sure you watch the video she created with me, it still makes me smile thinking of our time together in February.  She is one of a kind and I am blessed to call her a friend!

Happy Friday loves ... may you be inspired to be the best version of you in the coming year!

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