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Adding Some Glam ...

What is it about New Years that makes me immediately think of sparkle and glam?  Is it the brand new year we are welcoming or is it that we are celebrating that we successfully (well maybe) made it through another year?  Either way I am all about a little sparkle and a whole lot of shimmer when it comes to the end of the year celebration!

We plan to watch a movie we haven't seen before which will be a new tradition since I usually twist the Hubs arm until he says yes to watching Sense & Sensibility for another year.  This year I am branching out and we will be picking something that will be a new memory for the four of us at home.  New year = new memory. Any great suggestions?

I have mentioned it before, we are not into big New Year's Eve celebrations outside of the home.  With kids and the crazy that can exist we have chosen to stay home for a number of years and now it just seems to be a tradition.  We either order in Chinese or have chili and toppings and gather around a movie and a fire and celebrate at home.  We chose to trade in our evening plans for a party on New Year's Day which is perfect since its close enough to walk to and includes the kids.  I call that a win, win. 

I do completely believe in adding a fun top and some sparkle to my ears while staying in, I mean, let's not be silly and skip those.  There is something about adding a little sparkle that makes you feel special and insists you celebrate, don't you think? I also love wearing a fun top and another pair of fun earrings and my hair up for the party the day after.  I love taking photos to celebrate the first day of the year with my family and fun friends. Last year I snapped two, one of the punch I made for the party and one of the Hubs and I, which is stored in my Favorites album.  Love that man!!

I have picked all my favorites for my plans and added quite a few of these pieces to my closet since most of them are on sale.  I didn't add any pants to the mix since I will be wearing these.  They look great with literally anything and they are so comfy and chic.  That velvet clutch is truly amazing, I bought one for me and one for a bestie with a holiday birthday.  I can't wait to use mine on Tuesday for the party.  #yay

How is New Year's literally just days away, doesn't it feel like we just celebrated last year?

Happy Thursday loves!

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