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Stuffing Those Stockings

Image by Kristen Hechler via Dress For Cocktails

I am excited today to share the last gift guide for Christmas today as the holiday break begins for our kids.  The youngest gets out today at lunch and the oldest has already been done for more than a week.  That means that Christmas is just 10 days away and if you are like me you struggle some with gift ideas for those closest to you. Just when I think I have it all managed then I realize I still have stockings and the stress for fun items begins once again.  This year I tackled the stocking stuffing yesterday so this is completely off my list ... and I am thrilled.  I sat down and came up with some fun ideas for each of the stockings hanging on my mantle and I am excited to share some great ideas with you.

Image by Kristen Hechler via Dress For Cocktails

Oh ... and just in case anyone is looking for something for my stocking ... I will happily take another darling Dress For Cocktails clutch.  How about a black velvet to go with all my holiday bows?  I mean, really, how perfect are they for your stocking?

For me the stockings (we own these!) are so much fun to stuff.  We wait until Christmas Eve once everyone has retired to their rooms and then I gather my bags which I have previously divided up and get to stuffing.  When I was little my mother made our stockings and would stuff them with all kinds of things like toiletries, an orange, chocolate and an ornament for the year.  Inside the stocking there would always be one small wrapped gift which always excited me the most.  Don't get me wrong ... the new Chapstick and some yummy chocolate was so fun, but that gift really stuck out as a something special since it was wrapped.  I continue to do the same with our family and include one wrapped gift.  Sometimes it is a special treat or sometimes it is just something I know they need but choosing a tiny box and wrapping it makes it more special for them, and for me.

Let's start with the boy stockings since they can be harder for me.  If it were up to my boys they would have stockings filled with beef jerky, Cheese Whiz and probably a soda or three.  We must be more creative than that ... 😉

It seems charge cords are always going missing around here so I snagged some new ones for the guys.  I found some darling Christmas bow ties so those were added without a second thought.  A fun wine stopper for my dad who loves a good glass of wine, a great set of cards for the boys who love to play any card game and a great set of collar stays for Lawyer. I love this amazing scrub for the shower and I grabbed three of them. These fun plaid letter mugs are darling and I will set them on the mantle since they are too wide for the stocking but I considered them a must have! I also added a few favorite treats, an ornament for each person and let's finish it up with some jerky, a few scratch off lottery tickets and a bottle of their favorite spirits.  And for that yummy drink they are sure to have on Christmas night by the fire ... add in these darling napkins.

And now for the girls ... and clearly some of these are for the Mamas and Nanas in the group, because I would never stuff a tiny bottle of Bailey's into Little Bit's stocking.  😇

I found so many fun things for girl stockings I had to edit my selection.  Charge cords for sure, a fun holder to keep them safe when you travel, a fabulous monogram handle cover for a suitcase when you travel, this darling hair bow and a new fabulous barrette.  This umbrella was a must for my mom as was this fun ornament.  Add in some fabulous lotion for bedtime along with a travel eye mask, some sweet treats and a funny notepad for the youngest and we were done!

Lottery tickets are so fun for all as well as a small bottle of their favorite spirit, like Bailey's or some yummy St. Germain Liqueur.  Add in your wrapped gift and you are ready to head to bed with stockings stuffed and hung by the chimney with care.

Oh, and just in case anyone is looking for something to put in my stocking ... I will take the clutch above + this hat + these earrings.  #thankyousomuch

Happy Friday ... cheers to Christmas break!

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