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Introducing Ginny's Orchids

I have been a fan of orchids for a very long time as my parents always had one or two around the house.  They seem to have the touch to keeping them alive as their's are not only thriving but also blooming.  Since I am known for the brown thumb in the family I have purchased quite a few orchids in my time and most definitely the days before we have company coming.  I will rush out, trade out my brown sticks in a pot for a beautiful new orchid and smile the whole time as if somehow I kept that thing alive since the last time they visited.

I say all of this knowing my friend Ginny Enstad will cringe, roll her eyes, and then giggle as we have had these conversations a lot since my time in Orlando in October.  I had followed Ginny's Orchids on Instagram for a while and was thrilled when she reached out to me via email to ask if I would ever consider coming to Winter Park for an event.  Little did she know it was basically home to me and not only did I say yes, but I was beyond excited to come.  Ginny owns an amazing shop just off Park Avenue in Winter Park where she sells orchids faster than she can gather them at the local greenhouse.   This time of year she can barely unload them from the van, prep them in pots before the orders are then repacked into the van for delivery.  Ginny's shop is the source for orchids in the area with everyone saying the same thing ... she has the BEST orchids around.

Ginny's Orchids started very organically for a young mother many years ago who was looking for something to do to keep her busy as a young mother to be.  I love the story she shared with me and I will use her own words to share it with you.

I started my little biz 30 and a half years ago while preggers with my son George. I was looking for something to do that wouldn't involve going to an office.  I loved our farmers market in Winter Park. There was an elderly man who had a stand that sold only Cattleya orchids. Think big corsage prom style orchids. At that time growers started to mass produce Phalaenopsis orchids. We live within 45 minutes of the Foliage capital of the world. One thing led to another and I applied for a stand at the Farmers market. I started with one card table out of the back of my Volvo wagon. If I sold 12 plants it was a big deal. 

Eventually I was approached by an interior designer to install orchids in the new Sun Bank (now Suntrust) in downtown Orlando. I remember wondering how I would make that work with a toddler.  I bought a double stroller, put the plants in the front and George in the back. I'd wheel through that bank leaving my poor son in the maintenance closets while I scurried around watering and installing orchids all the while bribing George to stay quiet.  Eventually Phoebe came along and I had to stuff plants around them! Exhausting, but fun. 

This went on for many years with clients coming to my home to buy orchids who couldn't wait for Saturday's market. There would be orchids EVERYWHERE! Living room, dining room, library. Only the bedroom was off limits. On my 50th birthday in NYC I asked Bob to join me in running the business. He happily accepted thank God.  We outgrew the house and opened the shop almost 8 years ago. Bob hand picks every single orchid that we sell to insure the best quality you can find. 

Don't you just love her to pieces?  What I love most is her fabulous story about making it work for their family and herself and her commitment to making it work.  If only I could have known her in the double stroller phase.  It is truly the best story on the planet.  You can still find her at the Winter Park Farmers Market on Saturday or in her shop six days a week.  With many trips to the greenhouse each week she has the freshest and most amazing orchids I have ever seen.  You must take a look at her website and follow her on Instagram.  Along with orchids she sells amazing containers and some fabulous gifts.  

I have learned from Ginny that taking care of an orchid is much easier than one would expect.  All of the stories you have heard about a small amount of water once a week or ice is completely wrong and is the reason I have killed almost every single orchid in Marietta, Georgia.  

According to the care section on the website ... 

Known as the “Moth Orchid” due to its resemblance to some tropical moths, Phalaenopsis orchid blooms can last 2-3 months. They are native to the Asiatic tropics, India, Indonesia, and the Philippine Islands.

WATERING: In general, water every 7-10 days. When orchid media is dry to the touch, thoroughly drench the media, drain, and do not water again until dry. Never
let the orchid sit in water. If watering an orchid arrangement, either remove the orchids one at a time and water them individually or keep them all in the basket,
water them, and let drain. Make sure not to set the basket/moss pot on any surface that could stain before the container is completely dry.

LIGHT: Bright, indirect or filtered sunlight. Never expose the leaves to direct sunlight.

CONTINUING CARE: Mature plants can flower up to twice a year. When the last remaining flower has fallen off, cut the flower spike off at the base of the plant.
Move the orchid to an outdoor location where it will receive some filtered sunlight. Continue the same watering method as above and fertilize every other time you water. Be careful not to let your Phalaenopsis get over-watered by summer rain.

ADDITIONAL CARE: Talk to them (no politics).

Orchids can't be shipped but you can purchase containers from Ginny's shop along with other darling gifts.  She gifted me the darling container above and told me how to plant and care for my orchid which I sourced locally.  I am committed to keeping this one alive and thriving just for her.  Plus I am convinced that her container is magic.  Isn't it fabulous?

I adore Ginny and her shop and you will as well.  She is fabulous and I am thankful for our new but precious friendship.  My favorite treat was brunch with her friends on their standing Sunday plans at Barnies.  I told her I would meet them there and she insisted on coming to get me.  When she and her best friend Maria pulled up in a darling pink Jolly I knew I was smitten for sure.

Make sure you follow them on Instagram and shop their containers and gifts both on Instagram and online.  And tell her I sent you for the best service around.  

Happy Wednesday!

All images via Kristen Hechler for Ginny's Orchids

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