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Love Is Always The Answer

Some of my favorite quotes come from Martin Luther King, Jr.  What a man, what a vision and most definitely what a man for God and others.  I long for the day when we will all feel the love and equality that we deserve.  Hate is such a devastating and destructive emotion.  Love is always the best answer, no matter the question.

One of the things we have chosen to teach our kids, and most definitely as they were small, is that responding with love is always the best answer.  People are hurting so much and every single person you meet can use a smile ... and probably a hug.  Now that they are older I love to watch them see one of us upset or hurt and their first thought is ... how about a hug.  Makes me heart happy.

In a world with so much going on I lean into this quote more and more.  Hate is such a horrible burden and Love is always the right answer. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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