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Random Thoughts #01172018

We are having a snow day today and even though our snow fall is minimal there is a lot of ice on the roads and the schools here definitely err on the side of caution when it comes to winter storms, so the kids are off today and it looks like tomorrow as well.  I am not complaining one bit as I am loving the cozy day at home with my two youngest.  Think movies + popcorn + cozy blankets and lots of giggles.  Definitely my kind of day ... #thankyouwinter

My friend Emily gifted me these earrings for my birthday and I love them.  Tassels + Freshwater Pearl + Meg Carter is always a good combination in my book!  She also gifted me this scarf ... and I think they are perfect paired together!

Speaking of Emily ... she announced a new collaboration with Crab & Cleek and I can not wait to get my hold on more than one of those bags!!!

I have been told these are the most comfortable pants on the planet.  I will say ... out of my box but I may have to take the plunge and try them.  My friend Ginny was wearing them on Sunday when we had breakfast and I have been thinking of them every since.  Do you have them?  Love them?

My favorite store is having a major sale ... 25% off new pieces and 50% off sale and that is always a good excuse for me to check them out.  I picked out a few of my favorites for you which I gathered below.  I got this sweater last week and the timing was perfect considering it has been so very cold lately in Atlanta and it has been on the back of the chair next to our bed so I can grab it immediately. I am obsessed with this top and these (my favorite pant) and will be ordering them now with the 25% off!

I bought this hair smoothing product a week or so ago and it has completely changed my hair.  Since the air is so dry this time of year it is prone to have static and frizz.  This product was easy to use, smells amazing and has made all the difference for the last two washings.

One of the goals I laid out for this year has everything to do with my skin.  I committed to drink more water ... that one is going so poorly ... and to really watch what I put on my skin.  I am sporting some dry skin and definitely need to address the bags under my eyes but I am not ready for surgery or needles so I am trying out two new lines.  I bought this cream and I LOVE it.  I am currently stalking this oil which is currently out of stock but the moment it comes back in I am scooping it up.

I also bought this mask and this polish and as soon as I try them out I will let you know what I think.  I also have been using this cleanser which I love and this toner (I love it for all day use!) and so far I am happy with both.  I will keep you updated as I make some real changes in my skin care routine.

Anyone else super excited for this show to come back?  I was glued to it during its first run and hands down Laurie Hixon Smith was my favorite designer.  I used to love her color pencil drawings she made to show the home owners her plans. #eek

My friend Ashley debuted the plan for her new office last week and I am super excited for her.  I think any time you focus on a space that makes you feel excited and more productive is always the best plan ever.  I am completely obsessed with this desk chair she chose and I think I need it as well.  Maybe Blush or Blue?

Aren't these shoes darling?  I need them asap.

It is SO COLD here and I am thankful I have this warm pullover to throw on and run outside to let the pup out.  I leave it by the back door along with these boots so I can stay warm while braving the crazy temps we are experiencing.

This is my new favorite recipe ... I added ground turkey into it the second time I made it and the kids ate it so quickly.  Super easy to make and so delish.  Anything with shredded lettuce is my favorite thing.  When I added in the ground turkey I just browned it first and put it on the bottom under the sauce.  We love the lime Tostitos to scoop it up!

This list of healthy snacks is a great go to ... I need a visual when I have the munchies and just want to eat chocolate.  😍

Is it too soon to think of warm weather?  I am truly freezing in these super cold temps and I am craving clear blue skies and the warm sun.  This bag makes me want to plan a trip to Palm Beach asap! 🌞

I guess until then I will be cozied up by the fire drinking hot drinks on repeat ... Happy Hump Day!

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