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Pink And More Please

Can we not talk about how January is already skating by?  I do not understand how time flies so fast, truly it feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and now I see Valentines everywhere I look.  I will confess I am so excited to see pink and hearts galore as February is quite possibly one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the month filled with pink, gingham, hearts and LOVE.  Bring it on and don't hold back one single bit.  💟

Just a few of the pink on my radar currently ... I mean, bring it all please!

So, I don't know if you are dealing with this as well, but  ... my favorite J.Crew location closed two weeks ago.  I absolutely LOVE all things J.Crew related and this has been a little hard for me to process.  I have my people and I like it just the way I like it.  I honestly have been avoiding the whole shopping center so I won't notice that my favorite shop is dark and empty.  #sniff  I have been trying to make it all better by checking out the new arrivals online but nothing is quite like the weekly, and some times daily, text with the new stuff they know I will love.  My sweet favorite manager Jessica is getting bombarded with texts and she is truly been a saint.  She even offered to lend me something of hers for a shoot since I am in quite the sad state.  I realize I am adding drama where it doesn't need to be AND I know it is just a store, but it still makes me sad that after 12 years I had to say goodbye to people I adored.

Moving on ...  

I have picked out all my favorite items from the new arrival section and then whittled it down to a my top favorite things ... like this sweater and these darling shoes.  I mean ... so cute, right? It appears I will be traveling in 10 days and then again the next weekend so I need to find some cute things to break out of my grey, black and white phase that has been sucking me in with all this cold and these snow days.  I would, however, break my no grey rule for this cute shirt.  How about paired over a gingham button down with some white jeans and fun loafers?  Perfection!

After I finished my sweep of all things crew related I rounded up a few more things I would love to snag before my trips.  Such cute stuff out and about right now!

And the shoes ... so darling!! These pink cuties and these in gingham just hit online yesterday and I ordered both.  Check my stories today for a sneak peek.  They are so cute, and such a great price!!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!

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