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The Best Skinny Margaritas

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I absolutely love Mexican food and have to be very honest and say I eat it multiple times a week. We have tacos, taco soup, taco salad and even breakfast tacos on the menu more than once a week.  Luckily for me my family is on board with my love and total obsession with all things taco related.  My favorite accessory to a good taco meal is some shredded lettuce, sliced avocados and, of course, a good Skinny Margarita.  

My favorite part of a margarita is the fresh lime juice and the mix of the lime and tequila so I find that a Skinny Margarita is a better choice for me.  The reduced calories are a bonus and makes it the choice I make when we go out.  I have always wanted to have a few favorite basic recipes in my cocktail repertoire and being able to make a delicious Skinny Margarita is officially getting marked off the to do list.  

I read a ton of recipes and then decided what I liked on the lists and what I knew I would not want to add in to my drink.  I knew I wanted to use only fresh lime juice, I knew I didn't want to add in soda. My favorite full lead margarita recipe is one my brother in law makes and he always adds in orange juice so I knew that was important to me.  I had settled on Patron tequila and knew I would need some amount of agave.  After a little playing with the ingredient amounts (and some taste testing) I have for you a recipe for the perfect Skinny Margarita.

I started with a pile of fresh limes.  My love for citrus started at an early age with my grandfather.  As the owner of a harvesting and hauling company he was a master of citrus.  He knew how to buy it, cut it perfectly, and treat it like gold so it would give him the most juice.  I have always kept my citrus fruits in a bowl on the counter so they would at the perfect temperature to give me all their juice.  I use a citrus press to extract the juice and for this recipe I used a glass liquid measuring cup.  I knew it would be idea for storing the extra juice.

I can tell you these margaritas are delicious.  I don't like mine strong so if you prefer more alcohol you can adjust accordingly.

Paige's Skinny Margaritas ...
2 shots (3 oz.) of Patron Silver Tequila
1/2 cup (4 oz.) of fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 cup (4 oz.) of fresh squeezed orange juice
1 T of agave nectar (add more if you like)
Pinch of sea salt to even out the tart

Mix ingredients in shaker filled with ice.  Shake and pour into a glass filled with crushed ice and a salted rim (if you like!) and garnish with lime slice! Makes two drinks ... one for you and one for your BFF.

 So yummy!

Chin chin to a fabulous day ... can the weekend start start today? 

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