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Pink Walls ... #yesplease

At the end of last year I began to question the pink walls in our dining room.  They have been Benjamin Moore pink begonia now for about six years and I have loved, loved, loved the pink.  I had a momentary lapse in thought and was considering painting the room another color.  After restyling the walls and swapping out a piece of furniture all of a sudden I was in love with the pink once again.  Honestly I am not sure who was more thankful I decided not to change the color ... me or the Hubs who was so confused for the few weeks I was having major doubts.  The pink shall remain!
One of the reasons I loved the pink when I chose it was because I had paired it with blue.  I am a huge fan of pink + blue together and most definitely a mixture of pale and darker blue. When I restyled the walls I hung more of my Blue Flow collection and mixed it with some brackets and a dog, or two, and instantly I loved it once again.  Once the walls were set I started rethinking the furniture and before I knew it I had swapped out a few things and it felt new and fresh once again.

It always surprises me how changing the styling of a room, and a lamp or a piece of furniture and you get a room that feels brand new. On the mirror wall I traded out the green server for an English dresser and two chairs.  I am still hunting for tall thin lamps for this piece and I will happily wait until I find something I love.  I am hunting something brass and twisted which I spotted once recently and let slip through my fingers.  #ugh

My favorite add in to the room was a brand new rug.  I had thought for a while that the one in the space was too dark and just didn't work.  After spying this rug at Highpoint Market I knew instantly it was the perfect choice. The mix of the light and dark blue plus the incredible fretwork pattern makes me happy every single time I see it.  I am in love with the rug and I think the combination of adding the rug plus adding in more Blue Flow to the walls was the decision making moment for me. 

I have picked out a beautiful Meg Braff wallpaper for the ceiling that I will use some time this summer.  I have so many small projects on the books and this one is one I can't wait to finish.  I love Meg Braff's papers and I am super excited to use the one I chose.  💙

As I styled the room for a shoot last week I smiled as I left the space truly thinking how much I loved the pink and how thankful I was I didn't change it as I was tempted to on impulse.  I am a quick decision maker and this time I slept on the issue which turned out to be the best plan.

Have the best Monday!!  xo

Photos by Kristen Hechler

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