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Changing My Skincare Game

One of my goals for this year was to manage my skin care.  As in do some research and find the best products for me.  My mother has amazing skin and mine was getting dryer and dryer and I could not get it under control.  I kept looking at my mom and trying to figure out why her skin was stunning and mine was lacking.  She isn't a water drinker so it had to be her daily routine.  After thinking back to years of watching her use the same products over and over and be committed to her skin I realized I was failing with mine.

After doing some research I realized I needed some serious moisture in my skin.  Growing up I had oily skin and I have always been nervous about moisturizing too much and what I was doing was not moisturizing enough.  😕

I headed to the internet and checked out my favorite bloggers and started reading all about their beauty routines.  If I loved the way their skin looked I was willing to try their favorite products.  A lot like talking to a group of besties and then buying what they suggested.  I got small sizes of so many things and then tried it for a week or so and weeded out what I didn't think worked for me.

Book ... I reread this one all the time!

A month later I can report I am so happy with my skin.  It feels good for the first time in a long time and I have a routine down pat that works for me. No more falling asleep without a night skin routine ... it is now a commitment for me twice a day.  I am now using Colleen Rothschild almost exclusively along with Chanel eye serum twice a day and Mario Badescu cleansing gel and rosewater facial spray.  I think the combination is perfect for me but I will admit the Extreme Recovery Cream and Dual Enzyme Polish along with Retinol Night Oil has truly been the game changer.   Lawyer came home the other day and found both Little Bit and I wearing this mask and he took one look at us and walked away.  We might have looked a little scary but it does wonders for cleaning your pores.

 I can tell you I am thrilled with the way my skin looks and feels.  It almost glows and is the softest it has ever been.  For the first time in a long time I can say it looks almost as good as my mothers.  I still have my smile lines and one single line between my eyebrows but that is part of growing older and living a life.  I tried Botox about two years ago and ended up with bruising that lasted for weeks and little pockets of fluid.  I don't think it is for me.  I have so many allergies to medicines and other things I just think it is best to steer clear. My goal isn't to look 20 again but to look the best I can.

And I think I am on the right path!

Happy Monday!!

Photos by Kristen Hechler 

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