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Valentine Shopping For Your Man

Our rehearsal dinner, August 25, 1995

Anyone else have a man in their live that is hard to buy for, I truly believe it can't just be me! For as low maintenance (enter eye roll here) as Lawyer thinks he is he is so very picky when it comes to gifts.  He likes what he likes and he doesn't like to vary from his norm.  He also only wears grey and blue to work, he just finds what works and sticks with it.  It is always hard for me to surprise him with a fun gift since I like to find something new and he would just prefer the same thing he always buys.  Over the years I have tried so many things to only have him ask if we can return it or see it sitting without him touching it ever.  Recently I gave in and have vowed to stick to what he loves and just give up my theory of needing to surprise him. I so wanted to show my love by picking new and different gifts and he just really wanted only me and my time so I just needed to hang up my own silly expectations.  He is happier and in the long run so am I.  ❤

I have rounded up gifts that speak to my beloved and who he is and I think they will be helpful for your man as well.  My man is simple in his loves but very picky in what he chooses to spend his money on ... in many ways the opposite of me.  Since he travels I have pulled some things I know he will love, along with some things that any man loves ... in the category of tailgating, quality time, grilling and personal care.  I think I have hit all the major male categories.  The only thing missing is a good steak, a loaded baked potato and some Westerns on repeat. 😏

 Anyone else's loved one travel?  I love this Tech Kit from my dear friend Emily McCarthy.  If your better half is anything like mine he is always losing cords or leaving them at the office or in a hotel.  In my opinion this is a must have for keeping all the must have cords in one place!

I am also obsessed with this amazing Louis Sherry box of chocolates from Emily.  My thought ... we can share the chocolates with a glass of red wine or champagne and then I have the box for keeping his change on his bedside table.  The chocolates are yummy and the box is a keeper for sure!  He always buys chocolates for me and then sneaks them for himself so this may be the best idea!

Are you familiar with Harry's?  All three of the shavers in my house love Harry's products and I love that you can customize the color of your razor.  How fun is the orange?  I have used the shave gel for myself in a pinch before and it is amazing.  I highly recommend trying this kit if you are new to the brand. They also have a ton of other shaving and skincare products if you’re interested. Let me know your thoughts!

My favorite monogram shop has some fabulous gifts as well that will be perfect for my man and yours.  I love the travel essentials in the picture above and I love that they can be personalized!  I also think this 20 oz. Tumbler is perfect for taking his coffee to work ... and add a monogram so another guy in the break room doesn't try to snag it for himself.  Yep, its that good!  This incredible Patterned Cashmere Scarf is a must have after that silly groundhog just predicted six more weeks of cold weather.  #ugh And, last, but not least, I think this Camo Frame would be perfect for a photo of the two of you or for his buddies from their last trip together.   When you shop at The Monogram Merchant make sure you use the code PAIGE for 20% off!  (xo) 

In the roundup above I love so many things.  Since we both love coffee and espresso drinks this is amazing, especially when he travels.  Since he loves to grill this portable barbeque suitcase is genius especially since he has a charcoal only rule.  I think it might be a tailgating must have.  So is this growler, you can carry beer in it or mix up his favorite cocktail and have it ready for a quick pour.  Since we both love bourbon I see a fun bourbon drink ready for sharing!  

And these!!  Lawyer loves his collar stays and I love that you can personalize these, so very special, especially for when they travel or for a special event!  In another life my husband would be a photographer.  If he didn't have such a passion for the law he would use all his time taking photos.  How amazing is this camera?  Might be something I could actually surprise him with and he would love!

If you better half is a gamer this set is so fun and so old school, don't you think?

Summer 2015

This Valentines Day we will be celebrating our 25th Valentines day together.  I can't believe I have spent more than half my life with this man who truly loves me more than I deserve.  I love you SHUG!!!

Happy shopping lovies!

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