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Galentines Coffee Bar

As I have said many times over the last few weeks Valentines Day is a favorite holiday of mine.  I don't know how it began but I don't think it was due to some amazing experience as a young girl, that is for sure.  I was the tall skinny girl that never really had a date.  At the time it was awful ... and now I am so thankful it is the story I can tell because I truly value my forever Valentine so much more.  I just love the pink and red and all the love.  I am a girl who loves deep and wide and loves to love on others and I truly adore any reason to make that happen.  💕

At the end of last year I realized the coffee area was fabulous but it still needing some tweaking.  I loved having the ability to set a coffee bar and have our guests be able to serve themselves while we are cooking separately in the kitchen.   I had noticed that the space was missing extra mugs and a few things to truly make the space as self sufficient as I had hoped it would be.  After taking a good hard look at the space and realizing that instead of darling art I need some shelving and to regroup immediately.

A little research + some good ole fashioned elbow grease and the result has been even better than I can even express. After styling for both Christmas and now Valentines I can tell you these shelves have made all the difference in this area.  For the first time since I set up this space I can tell you it seems to function as it was truly meant to, as a stand alone coffee station.

And that is a great thing!

Since styling is one of my favorite things I love having an area all set up to enjoy when having others over.  Since there really hasn't been a time to have all my friends over at the same time I have been enjoying them one at a time.  I think it might be the best recipe for quality time ... ever. 

My dear friend Lance gets to come over twice a week and yesterday we enjoyed coffee together before starting the day.  My friend Kristen (talented photographer) and I enjoyed our coffee time a week ago on a Sunday morning as Lawyer made grits and bacon.  My regular girls and I have stolen time as it made itself available and I have treated each to a hot cup of coffee and some pink happies from the coffee bar. 

Along with styling the coffee bar with my favorite sprinkles and some fun monogrammed coffee cups I added in my favorite espresso maker and some new fun flavored pods.  I love this Nespresso Pixie and I truly enjoy making drinks for myself and others with it.  It is small and easy to transport and I do just that quite often.  I have this milk frother on my wish list for my Valentine to snag for me.  We both love lattes and now we can make them at home if he snags this.  Yep, that was shameless but he doesn't like to be left without any gift ideas so now he has one.  😏

I highly recommend a vanilla + extra shot + marshmallows + Libbie sprinkles in a fun blue willow cup!  

Happy Galentines Day to you all ... you make each and every day brighter and I am thrilled to call you friends, readers, followers and friends!  😘

Photos by Kristen Hechler

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