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Valentines Dinner For ... 4

Happy Valentines Day!!!  💓 I am super excited today to shower those I love most with some handwritten notes and a yummy dinner.  Nothing more than a simple meal, but one made with love for my sweet little family.  Since the meal and the gifts (all love notes) are simple I decided to set the table in the dining room and treat them to a fancy evening in the pink room.  I am so excited ... they know nothing of my plans!

Earlier this month I set one seat at the table to make sure I loved it all and I can't wait to set it again tonight ... this time with plates filled with spaghetti and gluten free meatballs and the yummiest salad around. (I leave out the garbanzo beans, my people are fans!) Add in some flowers and sparkling soda for the kids along with banana splits for all with extra sprinkles and some strawberries.  I am getting excited just thinking about it ... oh, and hungry!  

I really wanted to use both pink and green since it would be a mix of boys and girls at the table and I didn't want to smother them with just pink. I found some amazing pink and green Limoges plates antiquing locally and knew they would be a perfect addition to my collection.  The edges are scalloped and the plates are truly so precious.  I know they will be used many times for many special occasions.

The rest of the table I just pulled from the cabinet and my collection.  I love using brass candlesticks with my favorite pink candles, tiny vases and dishes for cookies, candies and salts.  I pulled all my pups together and tied them with pink bows so they would feel dressed up for the evening, aren't they darling?

And last, but not least, I pulled some of my favorite gingham napkins for the top of the plates.  I found  few months ago and had them monogrammed by my darling girl.  She sees me coming and pulls out the invoice ready to start jotting down what I need. A girl is only as good as her support team and I love my cute little embroidery shop. 

Do you have plans for this evening?  Are you a fan of staying in or going out? We gave up going out a few years ago and I never looked back.  Depending on the kids events and plans they are home sometimes and sometimes not but we truly enjoy staying home. The food and atmosphere is always perfect and we can always get the exact table we want. 

Have the most amazing day filled with LOVE!  I hope you have on your must fun pink outfit and it is finished off with some fun lipstick and a treat or two.  Buy yourself some flowers, add some extra sprinkles to your coffee and your dessert and enjoy every second of this amazing day!

Happy Valentines Day to each one of you!  💗

Photos by Kristen Hechler

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