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Chambray + White

I am on a huge blue and white kick at the moment and I have been wearing it almost every single day in one way or another.  So much so that when I wore a green sweater a few days ago my family took notice ... and it occurred to me that I have been clinging to blue more than normal.  With the abnormally cold winter we had this year I wore more black and grey than I am used to and for whatever reason I have felt blue seemed like a good color to embrace for the spring.  It has most definitely been blue, blue and more blue for quite a few weeks.

I own this darling shirt now in three colors and quite honestly the chambray may be my favorite of the bunch.  I love the contrast of the blue with the white buttons and it is thicker than the other two which also endears me to it.  I had to think long and hard about needing another option in the same shirt I owned in both pink stripes and blue stripes and I am glad I made the decision to say yes.  It is a classic color, style and a shirt I know I will wear quite often.  I really love it with my Hazen & Co. stack, one Margaret, two Minnies and one Brooke in navy.  The Brooke bracelet is my new favorite, the navy is the perfect shade!

I have snagged a few more blue and white pieces along with two great pairs of white jeans in the past week and I am absolutely thrilled with each of them.  This sweater is my new favorite as it is quite possibly the softest sweater I own.  I grabbed it in navy and green and I am thinking I may need one other color as well since I have worn both colors twice in a week. White jeans are a necessity for me as I wear them all year long and quite a few times a week.  I love both this pair with the ankle details and this pair with the darling slit.  Pairing them with my new espadrilles (on the warm days) and my new bags (yep, pushing the woven bags even on the chilly days) reminds me spring break is right around the corner.  💙

Happy Tuesday!

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