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Mother's Day Radar

I must say I am completely in shock that Easter is this Sunday ... time is flying faster than it normally seems to and that is fast enough.  Before we know it Mother's Day will be here and then the beginning of summer and how cow, another school year will be behind us.  Can time please just slow down a tiny bit?  Pretty please?

I have Mother's Day on the brain today because I have ordered something for my mother that needed a monogram lead time and while I was hunting I found some darling things I felt needed to be shared with you.  If you are like me shopping for Mother's Day is hard.  How do you truly tell someone who gave you life and sacrificed for you thank you with a simple gift?  It doesn't seem possible, yet I always want to grab something that I think she will enjoy. This year I have chosen something special from Mark + Graham and while I was shopping I spotted so many great ideas that you needed to see as well.

This post is not sponsored in any way.  This is from one daughter shopping for her mother (and herself) to another.  You will adore each of the items I found as much as I have.  I find Mark + Graham to be a consistent source for classic monogram pieces that will never go out of style.  I have a number of things from them that I love and use all the time.  I love their new additions and the new pieces they introduced with designer Caitlin Wilson.  I think she has amazing talent and I love seeing her work on pieces from one of my favorite companies.  That is even more of a win, win. 

There are so many amazing pieces I would suggest getting one for Mother's Day and another for her birthday and putting it away for later.  One amazing idea would be this beautiful tray.  I love to keep a tray in the center of our kitchen table and this one is a great one.  I love the mix of the wicker (a favorite of my mom's) and leather.  I think this charger roll up is simply brilliant.  With all of the devices we all have keeping track of the cords is tough.  I also like that it doesn't take up a ton of space when you added it to your luggage.  And this ... I need this dual case so badly for all of the glasses I own.  I am constantly misplacing my glasses or not have enough cases to carry them properly. This is truly life changing.  And this bag ... so darling and such a great price for a summer bag with a monogram.  Order it ASAP and order one for your best friend for her birthday.  It is too good to pass up.

Didn't I tell you ... so many cute things! 👜

Have the best Wednesday! 

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