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Crock Pot White Chicken Chili

The weather dropped quickly here when the north got its most recent storm and I quickly turned on the heat and searched for something warm to make.  Am I the only one who wants something warm to eat when it gets chilly?  The second I feel a chill I am craving soup and chili thinking it will be perfect for lunches and dinner.

One of my favorite recipes is this one and I tried out a new recipe (gotta rotate the favorites) so we could have a break from our stand by/go to cold weather dish.  I love anything you can make in the crock pot, it makes the house smell amazing and it is super easy to assemble.  Since I don't love to cook with meat and I don't love the preparation any time I can place it in the crock pot I am in heaven.  For this recipe you place the raw chicken on the bottom of the crock pot and then the next time you need to do anything it is cooked and ready to shred.  I would classify that as a major win!

I found the recipe here and the only change I made was to add an additional can of corn.  It was so yummy and I made enough to have it left over for the next few days at lunch.  I think soup and chili and even pasta is so much better on day two, so I am ready for some warm soup on day two. As you can tell I am not a food blogger or a food stylist, but I can promise you the chili is delicious and you will love it!  💙

If you spotted me on stories yesterday you know I grabbed this meal and one more for the crock pot.  My youngest rolled her ankle (the bad one) and we were headed to the orthopedist and I was preparing for the worst, just in case.  I am so thankful I did ... bad sprain = cast for three weeks.  She was very brave but oh so sad. You can bring anything her way and she seems to manage it but tell her to be still and she is crushed. It was so good to come home to a house that smelled amazing and dinner that just needed to be put into bowls. 👍

Enjoy ... and stay warm!!

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