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Spring (& Summer) Bags

I am sure I am not the only one stalking the weather to see when the warmer temps are here to stay.  I really have no ground to stand on to complain since so many people just got snow again, but I am ready for the warm to stick around longer.  My last few weekend trips to Thomasville, Georgia and Winter Park, Florida have also sparked my excitement for spring. In both locations the trees were in bloom and the flowers filled the yards. Can spring hurry along, maybe even just a little? Maybe we can bribe a specific ground hog to change his prediction?  

Just maybe ...

One of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new season is to snag some fun pieces to mix in with my standby pieces to give them new life.  This year I have been wearing all my vintage scarves in different ways and I have truly enjoyed using and wearing them.   Mix that in with some fun new shoes (all the espadrilles and sandals please!), a few pairs of earrings and a top or two (well, more than two) and I am more than ready for spring days. 

One of my favorite thing I have purchased lately has been a darling bag (or three).  I find that my scarves are perfect tied on the handles and it has made me feel lighter and ready for a new season having set aside my beloved totes for some fun cross body and woven bags.  Nothing says warmer weather is coming like an espadrille and a woven bag.  Don't you agree?

Bag + Bloody Mary ... yummy!

love this bag and I didn't really want to pay a lot for it so I would be able to spread the extra funds out and grab three bags instead of just one. 😉After doing some research I was able to find it at a great price.  And a bonus ... they carry a lucite version as well, (a little more), which is just as fabulous.  I also really like this bag ... the options are plenty (mine is orange) and you can have it monogrammed.  I think that makes it even more perfect in my opinion! 

Happy Thursday ... or can we rename it pre Friday?!

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