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Introducing ... The Ladies Who Lunch Tote

The darling Leslie Dasch is at it again with a brand new bag!  If you are like me and absolutely love your Cocktail Clutch you are in for a major treat with the release of Dress for Cocktails new The Ladies Who Lunch Tote.  I am all about accessories and for me the bag makes the outfit and this tote is truly so fabulous.  Think style + function + versatility.  My review ... outstanding! 

I was so excited when Leslie shared her new creation with me a few weeks ago at Summit.  I love my cocktail clutches and I love being able to swap out my bows with my clutches to create unique looks when I wear them.  Now I can take those same bows and use them on the tote.  Does it get any better?  What a perfect addition to my wardrobe for spring.  I can't wait to be in Winter Park next week and chose a tote for myself. 

The only problem ... which one to pick. 

I had the chance to chat with Leslie about her new bag and absolutely loved hearing her thoughts and the behind the scenes on the details that she includes in all of her designs.  Leslie has such an eye for design and it is so apparent as she creates one incredible bag after another.

Tell me all about the The Ladies Who Lunch Tote ... what inspired you to expand your line?

I’ve had such to wonderful time promoting the Cocktail Clutch, and it’s quickly become a fan favorite. I do realize, however, that a girl can’t survive on Cocktails alone, wink wink - and daytime often requires the need for more stuff. So I designed The Ladies Who Lunch Tote to hold everything you need to get through the day. The good news is The Cocktail Clutch fits perfectly inside the Tote, leaving plenty of extra room, so it’s easy to transition from day to night. Pop the bow from the Tote onto the Clutch, and you’re off to the party!

The inspiration for The Ladies Who Lunch Tote comes from my mom, who has always loved handbags. As a little girl, she would occasionally let me skip Kindergarten class and we would head off to the Valley View Tea Room at Hutzler’s Department Store. We were “The Ladies Who Lunch.” These were lovely and special times that I spent with my mom. Of course, once first grade began, the days of skipping school for teatime were over, but those times with my mom and her assortment of handbags continue to inspire.

All The Ladies Who Lunch Totes come with a gorgeous petunia pink interior. I love petunias, especially the pink ones, so I chose this color lining to become the new standard for all my bags moving forward. Each tote has a small pocket for credit and calling cards, and a larger pocket, perfectly sized for glasses or other larger items.

Just like the Cocktail Clutch, the Tote allows you to mix and match bows. So one Tote has many looks. And now you can interchange bows between Totes and Clutches. The options are endless!!

The handles make the tote. I've designed some with classic bamboo handles and others with a gorgeous pearl swirl lucite.  

I could not agree more ... those handles make the tote.

Do you have a favorite bag?

It’s a toss up! I adore the Confetti Tote with it’s bright and whimsical colors. I find it goes with just about everything in my closet. And the Royal Lattice Tote is a breath of fresh air, especially when you pop a pink bow on it!

Honestly I don't know what is more darling ... Leslie or her bags!  I love her commitment to style and to function all the while creating bags that truly make the special times as a lady even more special as you carry a Dress for Cocktails bag.

How will I choose?  I love so many ... and, of course the gingham is everything.  But then also the Navy Linen.  It is truly so hard to choose.  I may need one of each just to have one with bamboo and one with lucite handles.  Oh, the struggle.

Congratulations Leslie ... the new tote is incredible!  Much love and success to you sweet friend!!

Happy Friday! 👛

Photos by Kristen Hechler

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