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Silk Scarf Obsession

I love silk scarves.  I love so many things about a scarf, they are so easy to wear and make such an impact in your outfit.  Honestly, a scarf may be one of my favorite accessories with all you can do with it.  It is the perfect belt, necklace, light jacket and even a hat when you need to maintain good hair while riding in a convertible.  😉 Am I wrong?  Truly, a scarf can add so much to any wardrobe selection.

My favorite silk scarves to purchase and wear are from Hermes and Gucci.  I am not a girl who wants to spend the money in the shop purchasing a new scarf, I prefer to scour the antique shows and shops and find one that has been worn and loved and is looking for a new home. The hunt + the story I am sure comes with the scarf makes it the most desirable to me.  I have found pre-owned scarves will run between $200 and $400 depending on the year they were released and how hard they are to find.  Most of mine have run me around $250 with some negotiation and luck.

Most recently I purchased two silk scarves from an wonderful vendor at the Thomasville Antiques Show.  I probably spent more time in her booth than I did any other at the show.  She was so knowledge and immediately told me all about the Gucci scarf I was wearing and showed me one she had that was made by the same artist the same year.  It was so colorful and so me and now is happily living in a box in my closet waiting for its next day out.  She chatted with me for quite some time showing me all she had and telling me so many things about the scarves and her passion for collecting.  It occurred to me as she was talking that my collection has grown more over the past few years as I have begun to view a great scarf as the perfect accessory.

Storing your investment is just as important as choosing it.  The best way to store it so it remains clean, free from tears and pulls and to make sure it remains in its best condition in case you wish to resale it is to keep it in a box.  If you are lucky enough to purchase your scarf with a box that is ideal but most of the scarves I have purchased are sold without the box.  I have linked a few boxes for you, I find them on Etsy quite often and they most times comes with tissue so your scarf can be stored safely and will be worth more upon resale if you have a matching scarf and box set.

Where to buy?  I find quite a few of them while antiquing.  Scott Antique Market will have a few each month, Antiques & Beyond is a great source and has a large selection in the case right inside the door and I have found quite a few I love at Labels Resale Boutique. I have also found some amazing choices online.  There is a large buy it now section on Ebay, some fabulous selections on Etsy and some truly beautiful pieces on Chairish.

If you need some ideas on how to wear your silk scarves I have pinned so many ideas to this Pinterest board.  I love that the same scarf can be worn so many different ways which makes the money you invest seem so much more worth it.  I would definitely recommend investing in a set of Hermes scarf knotting cards or in a book to show you how to tie your scarves and some other fun wears to wear them. You can check out this post on the scarf tying cards which will definitely get your creativity flowing. I am a firm believer in using what you own and most definitely when it comes to my scarves!

Have an amazing Monday! 

Photos by Kristen Hechler

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