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Skin Care Update ...

As I shared in this post I am very focused on taking care of my skin this year.  I have been using a combination of products for almost three solid months and I can already notice real changes in how my skin looks and feels.  I am confident that my new routine will make a big difference in my skin and I am so happy about that fact.  I am very aware that I am at an age where how I take care of me makes all the difference in how I look and feel and I feel confident in the decisions I am making.

Good skin is always a good idea!

When I posted here I shared that I had chosen a combination of products that I loved and was really happy to use.  For the most part that is still true, however I have made some changes in that lineup and I need to share my new products with you.  I am very sure you will love the new additions just as much as I do. 

When I arrived at The Southern C Summit we checked in and immediately began loading our swag bags.  One of the companies set up handing out swag was a skincare company called One Love Organics.  I was familiar with the name as one of my favorite bloggers Sell Eat Love uses One Love and raves about it.  As I struck up a conversation with the girls I shared I was really happy with the products I was using but was always up for trying something new.  She handed me two samples to try, cleanser and eye cream, and told me to let her know the next day what I thought about each.  I went on about the rest of my day with the samples in my bag and at the end of the day dug them out to give them a try after a a day filled with lots of running around and meeting and greeting along with eating and sipping.  What sounded perfect at the moment I dug them out was pjs, a clean face and a good nights rest. 

The moment I used the One Love products I was in LOVE. The cleanser is oil based and quite possibly my favorite I have ever used.  It goes on easily and even though its an oil it rinses clean with no residue leaving your skin very clean and very soft. I can not tell you how much I love this product.  A girl who doesn't love a night routine is now almost excited about washing my face and heading to bed. The eye cream is amazing.  You use such a tiny, tiny amount and once you rub it between your fingers it spreads out and leaves you with more than you started with.  You simply dab it on and let it do its magic.  It is fantastic!

The last day of the Summit I was thrilled to see the ladies from One Love again.  I had nothing but amazing things to report and immediately stocked up on a number of their products.  Since I already own and love my Colleen Rothschild masks I did not purchase any more, but I did get the Vitamin C serum (the best for toning skin), Skin Dew and Body LotionI truly love them all. 

I came home, married my new products with some of my old ones (all linked above) and instantly felt very confident about my face care game.  I have been using them nonstop since and I could not be happier.  For the first time in my life I feel like I have a good plan for taking care of my skin and it is a great feeling.  I can recommend each of these products confidently ... you will love them as much as I do.

Here's to feeling good about your skin care!  Happy Tuesday!

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