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Brown Sugar Flank Steak

Happy Monday!  I hope your St. Patrick's Day was amazing and left you with just the right amount of celebration and sipping!  💚 Our weekend was fabulous, with just the right amount of busy and relaxing!  The kids all had fun things to do + church events and I had a security training meeting for Haiti that left me with very wide eyes but very prepared to travel outside the country.  I have a long to do list for today to get us ready for a successful week and I am ready to hit the ground fully caffeinated and ready to tackle the day.

On Friday I shared the table I had set for us to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as a family on Saturday evening.  We ended up moving our dinner to Sunday evening when I wasn't feeling well on Saturday afternoon and it turned out to be the perfect plan.  Saturday night Little Bit went to see a play and the boys skipped out to have wings and I was tucked into bed early and sound asleep way before nine.  The weather was iffy and it would have been hard to grill so moving our dinner turned out to be perfect all around.

Per usual Lawyer was inspired and changed up the menu last minute.  I don't eat red meat but I am told he makes a delicious flank steak. I can tell you it always smells fabulous and we never have left overs when he makes it for a crowd. He makes flank steak quite often when we have company and for us a family quite a bit.  It is an easy meal for him to make and he loves to grill so it is most definitely a win, win.

Almost every single time he grills a flank steak he swaps up the marinade or the rub whichever he has chosen to use.  Sometimes he uses a recipe and sometimes he plays around and creates something he thinks sounds good.  He has never had any complaints.  This time he used this recipe and he and the kids raved about it.  I will say it smelled divine.  His comment as we cleaned up the kitchen was it would be one he would definitely make again and again.

He paired it with this amazing corn which I can tell you was absolutely incredible.  Since I don't eat the flank steak I filled my plate with corn salad, Lemon Basil Pasta Salad and grilled squash. I was one happy girl with a full and satisfied belly. I had made the pasta salad earlier in the week to eat with left over chicken and added it to the mix when I knew he wanted flank steak.  It is so good and is the perfect base for grilled chicken, shrimp and salmon!

After our youngest lit the candles and I took a few snaps I put my phone away and truly just enjoyed my sweet family. I love dinner with my favorite people surrounding me.  I am so very blessed and lucky to have these people in my life and I would not trade them for one second.  As I looked at them all enjoying their dinner I thought about that invitation 25 years ago to grab a green beer and I instantly felt incredibly thankful I said yes.

Happy Monday ... I hope your week is off to an amazing start!

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