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We Are Going To ... Haiti!!

I can't believe I am typing this ... it almost feels unreal but it is and I am thrilled to announce that my youngest child and I are headed to Haiti for a week this summer.  We are going with a team that is headed to Haiti for a week in partnership with Buckhead Church and global(x).  Our mission is to pour love on the people, help them anyway we can, teach them about the love of Jesus and to basically take all our love to them.  This will be our first mission trip together and my child is literally the most excited I have ever seen her. She talks about it non stop, she asks a million questions and she already has plans of what she wants to take and some things she is leaving behind (her phone). I am just hoping I can resist the want to bring everyone we meet home.  I could not be more proud of her attitude about sharing her love for Jesus and others with people who truly need our love and support.  My heart may burst with pride!

So ... the second week of June we are headed to HAITI!!!

With the trip comes a fund raising component which we are both very committed to achieving.  She partnered with Feathered Nest Boutique to design a darling t shirt which I think is one of the best I have seen.  She really is so excited to share this shirt with you, it is available in so many colors and styles and each one shares her love for all. For every t shirt sold all of the proceeds go directly into our fundraising account. When I asked her to tell me why she chose the verse and the words for the shirt she shared this with me ...

"I chose this verse because it is very inspiring to me.  
Honestly we all need to love each other no matter what. I can't wait to bring love to Haiti!" 

For my part I have worked with one of my favorite artists to create something similar which I am bursting at the seams to share with you.  It is coming soon and here is a sneak peek for you!

I think one of the best things about the trip is that she is going with one of her closest friends so the giggles and the memories will be out of control. I love that she will have one person that she is comfortable with when we are completely out of our normal comfort zone.  We have never been out of the country together so it should be an adventure of epic proportions.

I have a video for that the girls created to share their news and to chat about their efforts to raise their portion for the trip.  I hope you will love these girls and their precious hearts as much as we do. I have clip after clip of bloopers that they could not use in the video which I shot but they edited on their own.  It is one giggle fest after another ... they were equally excited and nervous and they just could not stop laughing.  Their hearts are so precious.

To donate click here.  They are committed to this trip in a way that inspires me beyond words.  Thank you in advance for any support you feel led to share.  ❤

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