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Weekend Musings ...

We had a really great weekend.  Having a full plate at the moment means the need for quite a bit of true down time.  We honestly had just a few things that needed to be done and the rest of the time we either watched a movie, went for a walk, slept in or ate amazing food.  I really was ready for a weekend with nothing to do and I truly think I will be planning more of these in the future.  The weekend is made to relax and regroup to be successful during the week and not for my usual go 90 miles an hour and run around with my hair on fire to do lists.  I mean, that might be the worst plan ever now that I really think about it.  This weekend was used for deep breaths, relaxing and lots of refreshing and today I feel better than I do most Mondays.

I call that a major win. 

A couple of things we did do ... first, we organized Lawyer's closet.  He recently dropped some weight and we needed to weed out things he can no longer wear.  He was so excited to take some pieces he loves to the dry cleaners to have them to wear this week at his officer's meeting in Orlando.  I think anytime you can wear something that didn't fit before is the best feeling.

I made four lampshades, two for me and two for a friend.  They are all amazing and I can't wait for my friend to receive hers.  Our dining room was treated to two new lamps recently and the white shades were bugging me.  I found some left over fabric from the kitchen makeover and since it is also on the dining room host and hostess chairs I knew it would be perfect.  Being creative always helps me to relax.

Image via Kristen Hechler

Started packing for our trip this week to Orlando and there is definitely a theme.  Basically every single thing I have packed is blue or white ... or blue striped.  Oh, wait there is some blue gingham. I had to pull some scarves to balance out all the blue.  Clearly I am on a blue streak at the moment, I just didn't realize it until I laid it all out and it all looked the same. 💙 I can't wait to spend some quality time with my better half ... we are driving ... and to have an entire day in Winter Park with some of my friends. I am definitely taking this top from my friend Collyn Raye and I have packed a few pair of espadrilles. I am completely on board with espadrilles being on trend ... I will be wearing them all day every day if I can.

I ordered these shoes for the trip.  I love them and got them in both rose gold and cognac.   Believe it or not I have only two pair of sandals that I wear nonstop and it was time to get a pair or two to add to the rotation. I am excited to get them and I will let you know how they fit!

I took two naps and loved not having to be anywhere at any specific time.

I took some time and caught up with two dear friends with long phone calls ... always the best feeling.

What I didn't do ... 

Run errands ... actually I didn't drive anywhere all weekend and it felt amazing.  Wait, I did drive to one appointment which clearly didn't feel like work at all since I completely forgot I did it.  #win

Stalk my social media and blog.  I truly needed some time to refresh and having my computer open or my email too close means I will answer and respond when I should be relaxing.  Putting the computer away and turning off my notifications was the best thing I could do to truly relax.

Make any to do lists.  I think I need to do more of this in the future, a empty to do list is a very good thing.

I can't wait for next weekend ... we will just be getting home from Orlando and with not one thing on the calendar for the weekend I am looking forward to grilling out, watching the sunset on the porch and just having some quality time with those that make me the happiest in the world. I am really thinking that taking some time to completely not do and unplug may have been the reason my Monday this week was so much more relaxed then it normally is, and that is a great thing!

Hope your Tuesday is amazing!

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