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Love + Kindness For Haiti

Happy Monday ... I am thrilled to be starting another week, especially when I have such a fabulous thing to share with you today.  Monday's aren't usually my favorite days, so I am super excited to share something I have been working on for a while with someone I respect and adore so very much!  There is no better time to start something fun but a Monday ... and I will be training myself to do just that in the future. 😘

As part of my upcoming trip to Haiti I partnered with my friend Aly of Willa Heart to design something special that could be made into one of my favorite things on earth ... a coffee mug!  As we all know I adore my time over a cup of hot coffee and starting my day with this mug has been such a joy the last few weeks.  I love using the mug and being able to take just a few minutes each day and pray for the trip, the people sacrificing their time to take us and the lovely people of Haiti that we will meet and love on while we are there.

When I first chatted with Aly we talked about what I had in mind for the design.  I told her I wanted something very her + very me + all the love and kindness she could add in.  What she created for me exceeded all of my expectations and has resulted in a coffee mug I am so proud to offer to each of you! It is so cute the pups with their signs of love and kindness make me so very happy! 

The limited edition TPC + Willa Heart Love Kindness Mug is now available for purchase with all the proceeds going to this amazing trip to Haiti with my beautiful girl.  It is an honor and privilege for me to join her on this incredible opportunity to #takinglovetoHaiti!

The mugs are only available until they sell out ... and I only have a limited number to share with you. The cost of the mug is $25 which includes all shipping and handling.  This is the only chance to own this darling mug I am so proud to share with you as a collaboration of myself and my precious and incredibly talented friend Aly.  I hope you will think of us when you use your mug just as I will be thinking of each of you as I use mine. 💗

To purchase a limited edition TPC + Willa Heart Love Kindness Mug you can do so by emailing me or by commenting on this this Instagram post with the phrase yes please and adding your email address. I am so excited to be able to share these darling mugs with you!  I hope you will love them as much as I have working to bring them to you!!

The happiest of Mondays to each of you!!

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