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Vintage Style Luggage ... And In Pink!

It is no secret that I completely adore Elizabeth Wilson and her incredible clothes.  I wear them all the time and order them repeatedly.  She is not only darling, but so inspiring and one to keep your eye on for sure.  At her very young age she has accomplished so much and done it with grace and strength no matter what.  Elizabeth, I truly adore you! 😘

So when she posted this image on Instagram I was dying ... dying ... and one of many who inquired about her darling luggage.  I mean, it was almost as though it was made for me.  Pink + vintage style luggage?  All I needed to do was insert myself into the photo and I would have quite possibly passed out.  Passed out!

When she so graciously shared her source for the luggage (and its incredible price) I snatched it up quickly. I travel more and more and I know I will be so excited to pack these pieces, especially for my Florida trips! 

I just had to share this darling find with you that she shared with me.  It comes in light pink, hot pink and navy in the set I purchased.  I think any of them are perfect honestly, I chose the lighter pink. I can't wait for it to arrive next week. 

Thank you Elizabeth for the inspiration and for the heads up on the amazing luggage headed directly to me.  Once again you have outfitted me with some darling to sport!

Happy Friday all!!

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