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Random Thoughts #04022018

Happy Monday ... can you believe it is April?  What the heck happened to March? I have said it before and it is completely true ... and I am not sure I like it.  We had a wonderful weekend and truly enjoyed some family time and celebrating Easter.  It was a beautiful day and we soaked up every second of it.

I will share that my day started with tears.  This was the first year our oldest wasn't here when I woke up on Easter morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Times are changing and I am not sure my mama heart was quite ready.  My sweet husband just held my hand and reminded me how special each day is and after a bit of praise music and a third cup of coffee I had rallied and felt much better.  It is hard to watch your babies grow up and leave the nest but also so sweet to see them succeed and enjoy their new lives.  It is like an emotional roller coaster you can't get off.  This week is spring break for us and the very first time we are all going in different directions.  I think the reality of that hit me as well.  We always spend this week together and this will be a first.  Baby Girl is off to the beach with a best friend, our oldest is working this week, Lawyer is staying home to head up a project and the middle child and I are heading to Nashville.  This spring break feels off with Easter on one end and two birthdays on another but we are all doing something different Monday to Thursday and I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that new isn't bad even if it feels hard.  Deep breaths and lots of grace and I will be fine.  On Friday night when we are all home celebrating our Daddy we will have so many stories to share and our face timing this week will be at an all time high.  #deepbreath

Now that is out ... let's talk about something fun!

This sweater ... I keep saying it, but I love it.  I need more so I won't look like I wear the same navy shirt every single day.  It is the best cross of long sleeve t shirt and light sweater.  You must check them out.

Pomegranate sent us a few pieces of their travel bag collection for Lawyer.  He has a good set of travel luggage but didn't have anything for just a weekend.  This weekender bag and the matching dopp kit are now his new favorite pieces.  They are perfect for little get aways and hold quite a bit.  He is thrilled with both and I love how well they are made.  I highly recommend.

One of the two companies I use for face care is having a sale and I highly recommend you stock up while the sale is this good.  You can score up to 25% off which is amazing.  I have linked what I use along with a few products I hear amazing things about ... I love everything I own from Colleen Rothschild and can not say enough good things about it.  Good skin is a game changer in how you feel about yourself! If you are new to the brand this set is the best.  You can try it out and the travel sizes are such a great thing to have!

I posted this photo of my friend Maria's table and you all loved it, not that I am surprised one single bit. Maria is so talented and has a gift for style.  I can't wait to feature her home, inside and out, on the blog in the next few weeks.  You will be in love with every single corner of her exquisite home.  A lot of you asked for the link to the bee plates on the table.  They can be found here and would be stunning on any table for any season!

This dress!  I love it and can't wait for the weather to be warm every single day so I can wear it on repeat.  I love every piece of the new collection, it is definitely worth a look. #pinkyswear

And these earrings ... so cute!!

You guys loved this post and I am so excited.  There are so many amazing pieces here to grab for Mother's Day, a gift for a best friend and of course this bag and this darling striped top (add a monogram) which you should snag for yourself!

I am loving my new white jeans choices.  White jeans are a staple for me, I wear them year round with everything from a sweater and booties to a t shirt and my favorite flip flops.  This pair and this pair are worth your money, they are thick and fit perfectly!

I got a couple of emails asking if we were still accepting donations for our Haiti trip this summer!  The answer is yes!!!  For all the details and how to donate (use this link) check out this blog post.  We are getting excited, and I am quite nervous, but it is a mere two months away so I need to start thinking about what to wear and must haves for packing.  Sunscreen by the case please!!!  Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown me and my sweet girl on this adventure. We are so very grateful and incredibly humbled by your love!

I hope your Monday is amazing ... I know you make each of my days so much better!  

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