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Easter On The Table

Happy Friday and most importantly ... Happy Good Friday!  The kids are home from school (yay!), the birds are chirping, the music is playing in the house and I am feeling fabulous about the weekend plans.  I absolutely love Easter for so many reasons, but most importantly to be able to celebrate the most amazing love story ever told.  I celebrate each and every day for the love and grace that has been given to me, and that it was given based on nothing I have done or will ever do.  Is there anything more important that we can celebrate?

Amen ... 

I am very excited to share our Easter table today, and I can not wait to be sitting around it on Sunday with my family and some of our dearest friends.  I set the table in the kitchen so the kids could overflow to the deck table if they chose and the weather (pollen) cooperates. We had a heavy rain storm last night so the pollen is at bay at the moment and I hope it stays that way. Fingers crossed!

The entire table started with this fabulous tablecloth from Pomegranate.  It is even more stunning in person and the tulips are divine.  Could there be a more perfect pattern for spring?  The Tulip Trot Cotton Tablecloth is my first linen from Pomegranate but I can promise you it will not be the last.  I am so happy with the colors, the pattern and how well it wears.  I got something on it while setting the table and I spot cleaned it and it is like new once again.  Nothing like a little right out of the package stress, right?

If you were watching my Instagram stories yesterday you know I was trying to pick out the perfect selection of plates to compliment the stunning tablecloth.  I originally had chosen a blue and white Staffordshire plate and then I switched to white when I felt the blue was taking some of the beauty from the tulip pattern.  I had pretty much settled on a white plate with the cabbage leaf bowl and then set off to take our middle child to his regular Thursday night activity in Buckhead.  With 90 minutes to kill I popped over to the mall to exchange something.  As I walked by Pottery Barn I spotted the gingham plate on display and the whole table took a dramatic change.  With the addition of the salad plate + the cane charger the table immediately felt dressed perfectly. I could not be happier with the final selection.  

I normally chose gold flatware and brass candlesticks so this time I pulled out the silver.  I can remember when we were newly married and my sweet mother in law gifted me a pair of silver candlesticks that she received as a wedding present.  They are not on this table but that moment came to mind as I was pulling out some of my favorite silver pieces to use.  She would be so happy to see some of her treasured pieces on our table.  None of the silver flatware pieces I chose match and I love how it still flows and feels pulled together with other mismatched plates.  For me it doesn't all have to match to feel perfect. 

I wish this post was a scratch and sniff so you could smell the amazing scent coming from the hyacinths. I have used them before in vases but this is the first time I have potted them for a table and it will not be the last, my whole kitchen is filled with their scent!

That was a lot of photos of a table, but I loved how it came out and I wanted to share each of them with you! I hope your weekend is truly lovely and filled with so much love and joy.  It is the perfect time of year for new growth, new beginnings and change and I am embracing all three of those things.  May your Easter be spectacular.

Have the best one ... and Happy Easter from The Minear family!

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