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Carolyne Roehm

Anyone else a huge admirer of Carolyn Roehm?  I have so much admiration for this amazing woman with such incredible designs. She is the best kind of classy, traditional and classic.  I truly do love every single thing she designs and creates.  This master hostess is the true definition of taste maker with an amazing attention to detail and design.  I can spot a photo I am sure is her work even before I see the credits.  She is pure magic, but what else do you say about someone who was mentored by Oscar de la Renta?

I have quite a few of her books and I have the rest of them on my wish list.  Every single one of them is amazing and I highly recommend adding them to your coffee table wish list.  If I had to pick a favorite it would be either this one or this one,  I highly recommend both of them!

A major treat for my fellow Carolyne Roehm fans ... she is the subject of a wonderful interview on The Salonniere.  This fabulous online magazine has the best articles, the most wonderful features and recipes and needs to be added to your must read list immediately.

Make sure you read this amazing interview ... I thought it was truly so fun to get to "know" Carolyne more.  And you will love The Salonniere, its so well written!

Happy Tuesday!

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