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Harry + Meghan ... Wedded Bliss

I am definitely over the moon excited for tomorrow's royal wedding.  I have biscuits ready for their lemon curd and jam, tea ready to brew and Pimm's Cup ingredients ready to toast mid day.  I have my alarm set for 4 am and I am hoping I can convince my girl to get up with me.  She watched most of the last wedding with me and I am hoping she wants to watch once again.  Now that she is a teenager getting up her early is like trying to wake a hibernating bear.  Bless her, mornings are not her thing!

I have my pajamas set out for tonight and I am glued to the internet awaiting more details.  Did you see the ingredients of the wedding cake?  Lemon + Elderflower ... yes please!  I also love the combination of white roses, peonies and foxgloves.  Truly, so beautiful!

I am so pleased to see Prince Charles will be walking Meghan down the aisle.  I can't imagine her sadness when her father cancelled his trip and this little detail will be so very special. 

Can tomorrow come quickly please?

Have the best day!

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