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The Best Scarves

I wrote this post about the most darling woven bags the other day and then posted the image above on Instagram and got a flood of questions about the scarf I tied to the bag.  As I have shared before I love to wear a scarf and have such a fun selection of them that I rotate between.  Most of my collection are vintage so it is hard to share a source, but I have in many posts shared some great sources for finding vintage Hermes, Gucci and Burberry scarves. Today I have the best source for new scarves with just as much character as a vintage one.  

Photo by Kristen Hechler

Clearly I love to wear a scarf and to do it in many different ways.  I tie them to bags, wear them as belts, tie it as a necklace or even wear it as a wrap just to name a few. I think they look so good in so many different ways and think a scarf might be the best accessory ... next to shoes and jewelry, of course.

While I was at the mall yesterday grabbing a few things and my favorite Honey Almond Latte I spotted the above display of scarves.  Since I never met a scarf I didn't need to touch I immediately headed over to check them out.  The brand was new to me and I instantly found that I adored them all.  The colors, the prints and the feel, they were truly amazing.  I picked out my favorite to bring home but knew I had to share the brand and the beautiful selection.

I love my new scarf and I can't wait to pair it with white jeans and something fun ... maybe a tunic?  We shall see!

I paired the bags I posted the other day with a scarf from today to show you how I would wear them together.  The bags + the scarves are such great prices they are most definitely something you can add to your closet without spending all your pennies!

Have the best Thursday!  Is this week really almost over??

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