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Red, White + Blue For The Weekend

I shared earlier that the kids last day of school is today ... officially at 12:30 ... so we are taking off tomorrow morning for the lake for a super long weekend.  I am so excited I can almost not stand it.  Family time + lake + relaxation for days = yes, yes please!  The younger kids and I leave in the am and then the Hubs and our oldest leave later in the day.  By the time we all head for bed we will be together and already enjoying the weekend.  I truly am so very ready for some serious down time!


Since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer I am packing every red, white and blue thing I own to completely celebrate.  I don't think anything in my suitcase is any other color and I couldn't be happier about it. I grabbed shorts, a comfy dress, white jeans and probably way too many blue and white striped tops.  I will be sporting the all american look all weekend which definitely made packing super easy.  If you see a walking flag ... it will probably be me!  😉

I am not really sure what all we will do while we are gone, but I have prepared for anything.  Hanging around, hours on jet skis, lazy mornings over coffee, movies, dinner ... yep, got it all covered.  It has been a long and hard five months will all going on in our family and I am thrilled to be together and doing anything we desire to do.  I picture long mornings, big breakfasts, hours on the lake, late nights playing cards and eating s'mores ... I could go on and on.  For us this lake house is like home.  It belongs to my husband's best friend (who is family) and this place is such a place of refuge.  Pulling up out front and I already feel relaxed. 

I am literally counting the minutes ... 

Fedora (dollar spot at Target)

A lot of what I packed are things I have had for a while, but a few key pieces are new and I am so excited to wear them to start this new season!  For all of the pieces that are still shoppable I have added links below or under each photo.  In addition to the pieces packed I have linked a few other things I have purchased that are on the way and a few items that I think are just too cute to leave out.  It is a red, white and blue palooza!!


I put all of these pieces in my favorite tote and now I just have to pack my toiletries and some food and off we go.  Can we leave today?? 

Happy Wednesday

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