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Summer Packing

You guys know I love to travel.  Whether it be for work or for play ... I love exploring new places, revisiting some of my favorites and always, always the experience of the adventure.  Summer is coming so fast, the kids only have two more weeks of school, and we are officially starting summer with a trip.  I can't wait to be sitting at the lake, cocktail in hand watching the first sunset thinking I get to spend all summer with the people who make my whole life so much better.  Although I don't want this school year to end for our girl (it has been the best, ever!!) I am thrilled for the summer we have planned!

I am sure you have heard me tell you how much I adore Barrington Gifts.  This company is absolutely wonderful. Not only do they carry the best products but their customer service is first rate and the lead time on your custom products is so quick.  I can design something at the beginning of the week and have it within two weeks at my doorstep and it is perfect every single time.  Does it get any better?

Oh, it does when you take a look at the patterns and options!!

When planning out our summer and most definitely our trip to Haiti in just a month (wowza) I knew we needed passport covers to celebrate the fact that this was Little Bit's first passport.  She was so excited to get on the site and design her own cover and I love what she chose.  Since we will be taking a carry on and a back pack I also chose Baggage Handle Wraps and Luggage Tags.  We are going with a group and I wanted both of us to be able to spot our bags quickly so we can keep up with the comings and goings of the schedule.  I love that she chose the design for the Passport Case and then let me play with the other two pieces.  All of our choices color coordinate but don't match.  She went with a navy and pink color combination and I chose a green and light blue palate.  Personally I love mine the best, but I think I should, right? I really wanted to pick patterns that were part of the Brooke Wright collaboration.  I adore Brooke and could not be more proud of her and her well deserved success!  💙

I have quite a few pieces of Barrington Gifts and I love each one of them.  The St. Anne Tote and Captain's Bag are so roomy, come with so many useful pockets and ... you get to customize each one of them.  I am telling you, it doesn't get any more fun!  They are wonderful for yourself and also make the best birthday or Christmas gifts and most definitely the best gifts for grads! 

Did I say I was super excited for our lake trip for Memorial Day?  Let me say it again ... I will be packing my duffle, loading up my Captain's Bag and grabbing my backpack with the new luggage tag and heading out for sun, fun and some serious relaxation!! T minus 12 days!

Have the best weekend ... oh, and thank you for always being the best readers!

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