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12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday!  It was so fun to scour so many sites and blogs to find some fun things to share with you today.  After being unplugged for more than a week it was fun to see what was new and exciting and to find some things that caught my eye.  Some of them are things I used while we were in Haiti which were lifesavers and some of them are brand new to me today.

Here we go ... 

I wore these shoes everyday when I wasn't wearing water shoes and they were perfect.   The Birkenstocks were the best and since these were my first pair I was really excited to find them so easy to ear and so comfortable.  I have a navy pair and my girl has the green.  She loved them so much she took them to camp as well.

Stop the presses!  Lilly Pulitzer has partnered with S'Well once again for a limited edition collection of their amazing water bottles.  I snagged one for me yesterday and one for a birthday happy for my cute assistant.  I am definitely adjusting to my new mindset of getting things we truly need instead of just buying things I want when I see them after seeing so many with nothing at all.  We drank bottled water all week and then I would see so many empty bottles just discarded on the roads.  It made me think twice about buying a bottle of water so I am thinking this new water bottle will be a new habit for me for sure.  I will make sure I take it with me everywhere.

Did you read this post?  I so wish I had the ability to share these amazing hats with every single child we met in Haiti since they are so exposed to the harmful rays of the sun so much of the day.  I know I am so very thankful to have the ability to take care of my skin and to have the opportunity and options available to us.  I do love my hat!

One of my sweet followers sent me a few safe beauty products to try and I really love both of them.  First of all this concealer is so similar to the one I am using but the cost is so much better and the company's commitment to safe products makes me so very happy.  She also sent me some lip gloss which I have worn nonstop this week.  I have the Peony color (such a wonderful name) and I think there are so many amazing options.  I can't wait to try a few more ... like Azalea and Ruby!

My friend Claudia texted me a photo of these shoes yesterday with the words ... so you.  She was absolutely right.  I do love them so much!  Aren't they amazing?  While I was looking on the site I also found these darling shoes (above) ... such cute and unique shoes that would be the perfect addition to any cute outfit!

My sweet friend Leslie has added new bows to her amazing collection available for her Dress For Cocktails bags.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that new bows were coming and they have arrived!  I love the three (pink + blue seersucker, yellow stripe) she sent to me as a happy.  I don't think I have met a stripe or seersucker I don't love, and these new ones are most definitely the cutest ever!!

Did anyone else love the couch from the Friends title sequence?  Apparently you can purchase one for yourself which makes me super excited.  I always thought that couch was so very cool.  If we needed one I would be wanting one very similar.

I scoured to find a great pair of sunglasses to take with us on our trip.  I needed something I knew was strong enough to protect my eyes but that would be a great price just in case I lost them.  I found a pair I loved and I found some other great ones that were all a fabulous price (under $50!) that were too good not to share.  I almost bought the cat eye tortoise ones, they are so cute!!

I bought this top a few weeks ago and I have worn it about twice a week since.  I am a huge fan of a tunic and this one is quite possibly perfect.  It is longer in the back and looks amazing just as is over shorts or jeans but also looks fabulous with a bit of a front tuck with a cute pair of shorts and sandals.  I love it and I am stalking the stripe version which is currently back ordered. 

Speaking of super cute tunics, I also bought this one the same week and it has also been on repeat.  So basically I have worn the white one and this one repeatedly.  A tunic for me is a fabulous summer staple.  While I was in Talbots I spotted some really darling things which I have gathered for you below.  Oh, and even more exciting ... anything on sale is another 40% off!

As I have shared before I am a huge fan of serving punch.  It is easy to prepare and serve and there are so many delicious recipes.  I love to make a pitcher or punch bowl and then just set up my bar cart and let my guests have the ability to serve themselves.  This article has some amazing recipes and I am really excited to try a few of them.  How amazing does Brunch Rum Punch sound?  And how about something called Strange Magic?  I am in for trying a glass for sure!

I hope your day is amazing ... I am slowly starting to feel like being home is real.  I planned for two days of down time and I am not going to lie, it feels fantastic!  ❤

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