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Introducing The Wölffer Kitchen

Anyone else a huge fan of Wölffer wine?  I absolutely love Summer In A Bottle and it is hands down my choice for a glass of rosé if I can.  In my opinion it is the best rosé I have ever had.  I hear it is very hard to find but easy to spot in this very beautiful bottle.  I was a little surprised to notice it had a screw top but I very quickly learned it is ideal for having just a glass in the evening.  No worries of it changing flavor once the cork is popped and easy to have on hand for sharing a glass with a friend.  I truly can not recommend it enough. 

I was thrilled to discover Wölffer Kitchen on Instagram. On the website they define their restaurant in a way that has moved it pretty far up on my bucket list. You must check out the menus, they have my mouth watering.  They have two locations, one in Sag Harbor and one in Amagansett and I am completely in for trying both of them. Anyone else want to go with me?  Road trip to the Hamptons ... bring it!

"Wölffer Estate Vineyard, a sustainable vineyard in the heart of the Hamptons, is proud to announce its second restaurant: Wölffer Kitchen Amagansett. The second winery-owned restaurant in the Hamptons, co-owned by siblings Marc and Joey Wölffer, Wölffer Kitchen Amagansett offers a casual, family-friendly dining experience in the heart of Amagansett Square. Wölffer Estate winemaker and partner Roman Roth advises on the wine list."

One of my favorite thing about this account is their stories.  They share amazing beverage recipes that can be made with their wines.  The #beveragebook recipes sound absolutely to die for.  I have attached a few below that you may want to try, I know all of these have caught my attention for sure. 

The Summer Someplace Cocktail
st. germain
fresh grapefruit

The Botanist
Wölffer pink gin
(pink gin, are you kidding me?  #yummy)

The Pink Mojito
simple syrup
pomegranate health-ade

Spicy Mezcal Margarita

You must check out the stories to see each one made ... they look so yummy!

If you have never tried Summer In A Bottle I highly recommend you try it.  As I said before it is hands down my favorite rosé. I am excited to add a few more of their products to my list of favorites, and first up will be the Pink Gin.  You must follow both the winery account and the kitchen account.  Their posts are so inspiring and so beautiful and I love following along.  #roséalldayplease

I will be definitely having a glass of rosé this evening, what about you?

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