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Introducing Barbara Cobb Sun Hats

I have such respect for a woman who takes charge of a situation that isn't working and makes it into a huge success which is exactly what my sweet friend Barbara Cobb did.  Unable to find a sunhat that fit her properly she designed one.  Not only did she design a sun hat for herself, but she made the world a better place by starting a company that sells stylish, custom sun hats that are quite possibly the cutest hats I have ever seen.  Oprah thinks so, recently adding them to her favorites list.

I met Barbara in person last fall while I was in Dallas and immediately connected with her.  She is strong and kind and so very funny.  Her sun hats are changing our sun excursions and making them safer one head at a time.  You can create your own custom hat with a number of fabrics, patterns and choices.  Of course, adding a monogram on the top was the icing on the cake for me.  A cute hat that keeps me safe?  Yes, yes please!!

On her About page she shares a statement which I love so very much!  "If you've never had a hat tailored to fit your head, you are in for a real treat."  I am telling you when my hat arrived I immediately ripped the box open and placed it on my head.  It fit perfectly ... not too big, not to loose, absolutely just right.  I felt like Goldilocks after testing out every other option.  This one was perfect.

With all the options available you could order more than one and they would look completely different.  I may need another ... but for the moment I love the combination I have.  It is perfect for any day outdoors when I am worried about getting sun on my face.  With the focus I have been putting on take care of my skin this hat was a must have for sure. 

You must check out Barbara's sun hats.  Order one for you, one for your best friend, for your mom for a gift ... you need these hats in your life.  My mother is getting one for her birthday since she has all kinds of issues with the sun and needs a safe and well fitting hat. 

Happy Monday all ... may it be a sunny one!  👒🌞

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