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Pimm's Cup

To watch the Royal Wedding I planned a morning of tea, biscuits and fruit for my family to enjoy while I was drinking tea on repeat and taking in all the coverage of the magical day.  I set it up in the kitchen pretty fancy (it was a special day 😉) and the boys all wanted to know who was coming over.  No one silly ... we are celebrating the wedding of the year!!  Of course they thought I was worth the eye roll but they snatched up the yummy blueberry biscuits in no time flat. 

Since I was on such a English high that Saturday I decided Pimm's Cups would be perfect for happy hour.  I don't serve Pimm's Cups regularly and I am not sure why.  They are super easy to make and so easy to set up for a group since you can serve them in a pitcher.  I hunted for a yummy recipe and actually find one I loved.  I had strawberries left over from brunch so I added them and I think it is a must for all I make in the future.  I also only had lemonade the first time I made them and it was a fabulous and refreshing addition.  I think you can use a number of mix ins but I personally prefer either lemonade or this ginger ale

We served them at the lake on Memorial Day weekend and once again they were perfect.  Even my college age picky sipper said they were yummy.  This may be a summer sip on repeat, especially for porch nights with the girls!  

Happy Friday ... and happy weekend to you all.  I am blessed to have each of you in my life and in my corner!  💗

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