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Ballard Designs Atlanta

I have loved Ballard Designs for many years.  I can't tell you how many catalogs I have dogeared over the years.  I would sit down in the morning over coffee and take in every single page.  I am sure if you spent some time looking around my desk you would fine a copy, if not two, of the current catalog.  I am sure I am one of many people who would say the exact same thing ... Ballard Designs is a fabulous company and an Atlanta staple for sure.

When I first started my monogramming business forever and a day ago I did all of their monogramming one Christmas.  I say one because after six weeks of sleepless nights monogramming 24 hours a day I vowed to walk away.  I can tell you this ... it was one large pile of items to be stitched and I was just one girl.  The Christmas rush at Ballard's is a very real thing. 😲  I have shopped the original location on Defoor Avenue for many years and I was super excited to learn they would be moving and expanding that location to a nearby up and coming area.

I received a lovely invitation to join them for brunch + a preview of the store.  I added the date to my calendar in Sharpie so excited for a sneak peek of the newly completed store. I knew it would be amazing but what I didn't realize was how much larger the new location would be.  It is quite large and the new space allots so much more area for merchandise and styled vignettes and I could not be more excited.  I would liken it to the pages of the magazine coming to life, which if you are anything like me, you are thrilled to see.

I could hardly eat the lovely brunch that had been prepared (and it was SO GOOD!) for the desire to walk the store and take it all in.  Every single detail was truly spectacular which you get a glimpse of in the images below.  I would highly recommend you make a trip to the new location if you are a local and to stop in when you are in town if you are not.  I will be visiting on a regular basis for sure ... and with the images below you will immediately see why.

It is absolutely stunning. 

I promise my images do not do it justice.  I spent more than an hour just perusing every single thing and trying to decide what I might need to take home.  My wish list is long so I will be making more trips to the store in the next few weeks.

You must visit the Atlanta store immediately as it opens to the public tomorrow, July 13.  I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to visit the new space and see it in its glory. 

A few more images to make sure you stop in, it is truly stunning!

Happy Thursday!

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