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Summer Playlist

I love music, like I really love it.  I think music is so good for so many things and for me it is definitely a major mood changer and the perfect pick me up when I need it.  I think music is like a photograph (also love pictures!) for me, I can listen to a song or an album (do you say that anymore?) and I am right back where I was when I listened to it the first time.  When I worked retail we always had music playing on a soundtrack that would come from corporate and we would get so attached to them.  I have one soundtrack that played in the summer of 1994 that I wish I could get and play it now.  I am sure all the memories and moments would flood back with each song that played.  I can even remember a new playlist coming in the biweekly box from corporate and all of us giving it the side eye wondering if it would be as good as the one we currently adored.

I have music playing almost all the time.  As in ... ALL.THE.TIME. In the car it is on, in the house it is on, and most of all while I am working it is always on.  I think partly it relaxes me but it also energizes me and gets me in a space where I can write without distraction.  I don't use headphones with my Iphone but maybe I should.  Honestly, it is just always on.

Spotify is one of my favorite ways to listen to music.  The kids and I all have our playlists and we share them quite a bit.  On my playlists I have both ones I have created and others I either listen to from friends and bloggers I follow along with ones the kids have made and shared with me.  One of my absolute favorite is one called Church!! that my girl made and shared.  I love that she is inspired to make a list of all her favorite praise songs and I love that she finds inspiration from songs about God's love.  I know I sure do!

I have compiled a playlist for this summer, one I started and have been adding to for a few weeks. Think of it as a mixed tape I made for all of you, and yes, I know I am dating myself with the words mixed tape. I love that already I am thinking it makes me feel like summer and takes me right back to the summer of 94 when I can still hear a Cranberries song in the back ground or a new song from Lisa Loeb playing while we are getting ready to open for the day.  And don't even get me started on the Sarah McLaughlin and Dave Matthews on repeat. Does music do the same thing for you?

Feel free to enjoy the Summer!! playlist I am working on ... I hope it will add some fun into your days and it has been into mine.  I love that some songs make me sing out loud and some conjure up the best memories for me.

Happy Hump Day to you!

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