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Grownup Cherry Limeade

Anyone else a huge fan of Sonic's cherry limeade?  I can recall as a child going to Sonic with my parents and always ordering a grilled cheese, small tater tots and cherry limeade.  I think I loved it most when they would come out of the building and roller skate over to the car and hang the red tray on the window with our order.  To this day when I am traveling I keep my eye out for a Sonic for a travel treat and order my go to order.  It takes me right back to being in the backseat and taking my first sip of the delicious drink.

I spotted this recipe on Southern Living and immediately knew it would be a fabulous summer treat for all of us.  Since it is Friday I have added a splash of spirits to mine.  You can add vodka or gin and I added vodka to mine.  It is truly so yummy and perfect for happy hour.  I love that I have the ability to make this for my family and friends for porch nights.  I love a drink that works for all ... kids can have it and adults can spike their own if they chose.

I most definitely recommend you try this drink ... and don't be like me and forget your striped straw. I would also highly recommend you get some crushed ice, I didn't have any on hand and the kids noticed immediately.  Well, I did, too.  It most definitely needs it. 😉

Happy weekend to you all ... 

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